New Awesome Kong: Skull Island Image Takes Its Title Literally
A new photo from Kong: Skull Island has proven that the production is taking that theme very seriously. Get your first look at the brand new image here.
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Mark Wahlberg's Patriots' Day Has Assembled An A-List Cast
The Boston Marathon bombing drama Patriots' Day's has put together an incredible ensemble cast. And it's not just because it includes both John Goodman and J.K. Simmons.
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Mark Wahlberg's Patriots Day Just Added John Goodman, Here's Who He'll Play
Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming film Patriots Day will explore the tragedy of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing as well as the men and women who answered the call of duty following that terrible act. The film already has a star-studded cast, and has just enlisted one of our all time favorites: John Goodman.
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What Kong: Skull Island Actually Will Be About
Aside from the obvious inclusion of a giant ape wrecking things and causing a ruckus, we haven't heard much about the plot of Kong: Skull Island, though a new report is changing that.
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The Ratchet And Clank Movie Has Added An All-Star Voice Cast
The upcoming feature-length animated adaptation of the popular video game franchise Ratchet and Clank just added an impressive array of talent for their supporting cast of voices. It is being reported that Sylvester Stallone, John Goodman, Rosario Dawson, Bella Thorne and Paul Giamatti have all been added to the 3D animated epic
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15 Great Modern Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated For An Academy Award
With the 87th annual Academy Awards upon us, we’ve assembled a list of 15 brilliant, currently working actors who amazingly have never been up for Hollywood’s highest honor. Who are the names? Read on to find out!
The Gambler Trailer Boasts A Skinny Mark Wahlberg And Tons Of John Goodman F-Bombs
With the fall comes a slew of movies that are gearing for Oscar gold. Then as we move into the winter, a slate of big, flashy blockbusters pile up, demanding our attention. So how do you cut through all this clamor when you're a mid-level thriller about a professor with a gambling addiction? You unleash a trailer like The Gambler's, full of camp appeal and f-bombs, lazily chucked by the always awesome John Goodman.
Jay Roach's Trumbo Looks To Write John Goodman Into The Picture
John Goodman is no stranger to a busy work schedule, and the fact that he's looking to sign onto another project is no surprise. What might be surprising is the fact that while he's re-teaming with a co-star from a previous picture, they never really got to act together until now.
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John Goodman To Star In JJ Abrams-Produced Thriller Valencia
The suspense thriller follows a young girl (not Goodman) who finds herself in an underground cellar after a car accident, told by a mysterious caretaker (Goodman!) that a nuclear attack has ravaged the ground above. It's unclear what happens next, though it's very obviously a two-person struggle in a tight spot, the sort of set-up that doesn't require a whole lot of budgetary maneuvering.
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Transformers: Age Of Extinction Adds John Goodman And Ken Watanabe In Voice-Over Roles
The announcement comes directly from Michael Bay's official website, and actually identifies the roles that Goodman and Watanabe will be playing in the movie (something that has become a bit of a rarity in modern blockbusters). Goodman will be voicing Hound, whom Transformers fans may remember is able to turn into a Jeep or humvee.
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John Goodman, Bill Murray And Bob Balaban Explain What Drove Them To Become Monuments Men
In the film, the trio star as Walter Garfield, Richard Campbell and Preston Savitz, respectively, three members of the seven-man outfit known as The Monuments Men.
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John Goodman Joins Mark Wahlberg For The Gambler Remake
Adding John Goodman to any movie is a way to better pique our interest. So a tip of the hat to Paramount, which has added the consummate character actor who recently stole scenes in the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis to their growing ensemble for the remake of The Gambler.
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John Goodman SNL Highlights Include Three Wise Guys, A Drunker Uncle And A Bizarre Courtroom Sketch
From 1989 to 2001, John Goodman hosted Saturday Night Live just about every year. And then he dropped off the SNL radar, despite being pretty active in film and television over the last decade. Last night, Goodman returned for his thirteenth time hosting the long-running sketch comedy series, putting him two host-ing gigs away from tying with Steve Martin for the #2 spot on the most-times hosted list. Alec Baldwin still holds the lead with 16 appearances as host, in case you were wondering.
John Goodman's Saturday Night Live Promos Are Full of Cat Meows And Cheer
John Goodman is returning to the hallowed halls of Saturday Night Live a thoroughly impressive thirteenth time this weekend and the veteran host is churning out Christmas spirit as only he knows how: by screaming a lot with cast member and fellow loud person, Taram Killam. Happy holidays, you guys! And there isn't anything more festive than people talking very loudly — just ask anyone at your family's celebration this year (if you can get a word in edgewise).
Saturday Night Live Lines Up John Goodman, Paul Rudd, Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon For December
Saturday Night Live in December isn’t for amateurs. While we’ve seen a few novices host SNL this month, with Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s Josh Hutcherson next on the list to make his hosting debut, Saturday Night Live is bringing in some veterans to host the December episodes.
Red-Band Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer Shows Off Carey Mulligan's Sharp Tongue
The trailer above gives us some insight into Inside Llewyn Davis, and some justification for our intense anticipation. Along with a bittersweet tone of a musician struggling to make sense of himself, his work, and life in general, we get a peak of Isaac, Mulligan, Timberlake and Goodman in action.
John Goodman Gets Up Close And Personal In New Hangover Part III Poster
The Hangover Part III promises to be a very different kind of movie than the previous two - most notably by not rehashing the bachelor party/forgotten night plotline - but there are some elements that will be carried over. One such element is the shadowy, intimidating figure portrayed by an A-list dramatic actor.
The Coen Brothers And Their Howling Fat Men: The Supercut
What better way to spend the celebratory day of Easter than to listen to a bunch of big dudes hollering? They’re like loud Easter eggs, really, with language just as colorful as the pastel hues of whatever vinegar-and-food coloring combination is being used. As a rather hefty kid, I used to do my own yelling about never getting any PAAS kits...
John Goodman May Join The Cast Of The Hangover Part III
Todd Phillips was able to wrangle Paul Giamatti for a solid part in The Hangover Part II, and now it looks like the director might be able to get yet another highly respected actor into the franchise. John Goodman is now in talks to play a villainous role in The Hangover Part III. The film is currently in pre-production and will be aiming to hit its release date on May 24th.
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John Goodman Joins The Internship As Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson's Big Boss
Goodman will play the “ultimate boss” to Vaughn and Wilson, who are unemployed salesmen vying for a coveted internship position at a cutting-edge tech company. Needless to say, both men are behind on the tech learning curve, and face stiff competition from other, younger interns.
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