James Franco Might Be In The New Predator Movie, Here’s What We Know
Get your grain of salt ready because you're going to want to it with this one. According to the latest rumor, James Franco is high on the list to star in the new Predator movie.
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Who The New Predator Movie's Protagonist Will Be
Now that we all know that Predator will be coming back in another big screen adventure, the hopes that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back on board are pretty high. Well, it looks like we finally have an idea of who the main good guy will actually be.
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How The Predator Will Solidify The Series' Complicated Continuity, According To Shane Black
While there certainly is a timeline to follow in the Predator franchise, continuity has never exactly been the series’ thing.
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The Predator Reboot Will See This Major Change To The Classic Character
For a franchise that really only has a couple of proper installments, The Predator films have a strong following. When Shane Black announced his attention to direct the next film in the series, most fans were cautiously optimistic.
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The Predator May Have Found One Of Its First Potential Victims
Slowly but surely the return of the Predator is continuing to make it’s way to the screen. The newest entry in the franchise, simply titled The Predator has a director, a screenplay, and a release date. What it does not have is actors to be in the film.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Back For The New Predator Movie? Here's What He Said
The Predator film franchise, much like the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, has had its ups and downs over the years. But the original is one of Arnold’s most popular action films, and he might come back for the new chapter.
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Predator 4 Has A Release Date
It was announced in 2014 that a new entry in the Predator franchise would be in the works. It now appears that development is moving forward more aggressively as the fourth film, called The Predator, has set a release date.
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The Predator Franchise Is Back In A Big Way, Here's The First Image
Much like the monster itself that rules the films, it seems the Predator movies will never die. It’s been several years since we last saw, or in its case, didn’t see the alien hunter slaughtering unsuspecting humans. Now, he's back for more.
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Predator 4 Is Still Happening, Here's What We Know
Details about the Shane Black-directed, Fred Dekker-written Predator 4 are still few and far between, but it sounds like it's still in the works and that things are moving forward.
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Mortal Kombat X DLC Gameplay Will Be Revealed Next Week
NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon revealed that gamers can look forward to gameplay footage of the new set of DLC fighters scheduled to appear in Mortal Kombat X. The news came courtesy of a Tweet where the legendary designer set a window on when gamers can look forward to seeing the DLC characters in action.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blunt Opinion Of The Predator Sequels
Despite four follow-up films, Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that the Predator franchise still has not lived up to the high bar set by the 1987 original.
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Mortal Kombat X Adds Predator To Its Roster
Mortal Kombat X's other secret fighter has been revealed. The titular alien hunter from Predator will be part of the fighting game's roster.
Archie Will Fight Predator In The Greatest Comic Book You Never Asked For
Think of two fictional franchises that you never believed would cross over. Now forget those, because what Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics are teaming up to bring us next year is more freaky than anything your imagination could create.
Shane Black's New Predator Movie Won't Be A Reboot
When word came down yesterday that Iron Man 3's Shane Black was being put in charge of the future of the Predator franchise, one word that kept being thrown around was "reboot." Included in just about every trade report, the word suggested that the franchise would be starting over from scratch and ignoring the continuity of the earlier movies. This, however, turns out to not be the case.
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Predator Getting The Reboot Treatment From Iron Man 3's Shane Black
Black has signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox that will see the filmmaker take the helm of a brand new Predator reboot. In addition to directing the movie, Black is also writing the treatment for the project, which he will then turn over to Fred Dekker - Black's co-writer on 1987's Monster Squad - who will pen the screenplay. Details about the project remain unclear, but the trade report suggests that the film could be planned as a relaunch of the 80s franchise.
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The True Story Behind Jean-Claude Van Damme, 'Predator' And Why He Quit
Arriving in Hollywood from his home country of Belgium back in the mid-80s, Jean-Claude Van Damme was able to establish himself as one of the biggest names in the action genre... and generated some interesting stories on his way to fame. One of the more popular stories about the actor is that he was actually originally hired to play the titular monster in John McTiernan's 1987 movie Predator - a role he was eventually let go from.
Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote His Own Movies For Our Amusement
Whether it be for prank calling purposes or simply our own personal amusement, those Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards exist for a reason. The Austrian actor has a distinctive accent and a vast catalog of great movie lines. And while many of us probably think we do a pretty great Schwarzenegger impersonation, none are quite as spot-on as the man himself.
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UPDATED: Is There A New Predator Movie In The Works? No, Just A 3D Version Of The Original
What exactly is being teased here is unclear at this point. Are they announcing a new film - and if so will it be a sequel or a reboot? Or could it be a television show? Or perhaps a video game? If it is a film, it would likely be announced during the 20th Century Fox panel on Saturday. As of now the only confirmed titles set to be a part of the presentation....
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Considering New Takes On Terminator, Running Man, And Predator
If you thought LebowskiFest was weird, just imagine attending “The Arnold Classic”. It’s an annual fitness event hosted by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and attended by legions of slavish and probably a little too-pumped up fans. This thing actually exists and since he’s about to leave public office and return to private life, the Governator...
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A.M. Awesome: Arnold Schwarzenegger Yells Like A Champ
One of the most recognizable and easiest to imitate screams in Hollywood is that of the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwartzenegger. His trademark “NYEEEEEAAAH!” has been heard on screen and off for the last 30
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