The Insane Amount One Person Paid For Batman’s Dark Knight Rises Batpod
First introduced in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, the Batpod is without doubt one of the coolest vehicles we've ever seen Batman use on the silver screen. It's so cool, in fact, that many a superhero fan would surely love to own their very own version of the motorcycle, regardless of the cost.
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A Piece Of Star Wars History Is Going Up For Auction
I’m going to guess that there are plenty of people who might be interested in acquiring the latest piece of Star Wars history that has suddenly become available. That’s because, if they’ve got enough money and are willing, fans now have the opportunity to buy Princess Leia’s metal bikini from Return Of The Jedi. Ladies and gents, form a queue.
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Apparently We Should All Quit Our Jobs And Build Custom Tron Motorcycles
Someone in this world now owns a working replica of a Tron: Legacy motorbike, and we should all be incredibly envious.
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The Academy Bought The 2001: A Space Odyssey Shuttle For A Crazy Amount Of Money
We've seen a number of amazing movie props go up for auction at ridiculous prices over the years, and have always wondered who has the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to win them all. Well, apparently the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences can be categorized as having this kind of financial liquidity.
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Amazing Pacific Rim Props And Costumes Are Up For Auction Right Now
There is plenty of merchandise from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim currently on the market for fans of the movie to enjoy. For the collectors who pick up this kind of stuff, however, the real holy grail material is the stuff that's actually featured in the movie. And guess what? Now you can buy that stuff too.
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Pee-wee Herman's Bike Sells At Auction
Certifying that the bike is real, the auction also came with “an autographed photo of Paul Ruebens, a photo of him signing the photo, [a] letter/certificate of authenticity, [and a] Warner Bros. plans/spec sheet on the red cargo boxes.”
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Orson Welles' Personal Copy Of Citizen Kane's Script Is Being Auctioned Off
You know that giant pile of money that you don’t know what to do with that’s just sitting in that black bag shoved into a corner or in the attic behind your childhood sled? It turns out there’s a pretty sweet thing you could blow that dough on, if you’re so inclined.
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The Jurassic Park Raptor Crate Is For Sale And I Want To Buy It
You like Jurassic Park? Of course, you do. Everyone likes Jurassic Park. It’s still as visually impressive today as it was twenty years ago. It’s a stone cold classic, and if you’re interested in celebrating that greatness in more ways than just owning a Blu-ray and maybe having a poster on your wall, I have the perfect opportunity for you.
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Breaking Bad Auction Items Sell For Thousands Of Dollars
You may remember our article on the lengthy list of props from Breaking Bad that were being auctioned off. The bidding began on September 29 and ran through part of today, with some of the final bids landing in the tens of thousands of dollars. Read on to see how much some of the most interesting pieces were sold for.
Breaking Bad Auctioning Off Props Including Hazmat Suit And A Teddy Bear
When a show ends, the sets have to be torn down and the props disposed of. For the shows lucky enough to have tons of invested fans, sometimes studios will put together auctions to sell off some of a show’s best props. Soon, Breaking Bad will be selling off some of its most iconic props, along with some oddball ones.
Schindler's List Being Auctioned On Ebay For $3 Million
Usually when high profile items hit the market they are sold through big auction houses with stuffy names, like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. However, Ebay is currently running an auction on an interesting and rare piece of history with a bidding price starting at $3 million. If you are wondering what sort of item might warrant a payday that is so high, I’ll go ahead and tell you it’s not art. Instead, it’s a rare and valuable copy of Schindler’s list that will be sold along with a briefcase owned by Oskar Schindler.
Now You Can Own James Bond's Submarine Car From The Spy Who Loved Me
It's a shame that the vehicle has been hidden for so long just because of how incredibly cool it is. While most of James Bond's gadgets were fake - results of special and visual effects - the Esprit actually can be driven underwater. According to RM, it's "the one and only fully functioning car especially designed and built for the famous underwater sequence."
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Rare Nickel Sells For $3.1 Million At Auction
Just a couple of days ago, we marveled at the cost a giant—and rare—elephant bird egg sold for at auction ($101,813). A few months prior, the one-of-a-kind dress Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz sold for even more ($480,000). If you think either of those sums is impressive, you’ll be shocked when you learn what a rare nickel brought at auction on Thursday. The 1913 Liberty Head nickel brought in a whopping $3.1 million dollars.
Elephant Bird Egg Sells For More Than 100K
This wasn't an easy auction to win. According to The AP, there was a lot of back and forth on the item and it took 10 minutes to sell, with a telephone bidder eventually winning the foot-long egg for the aforementioned cost. That would make one hell of an expensive omelet, were it not partially fossilized.
Rare Star Trek Phaser Sells For $231,000 At Auction
If you’ve ever watched episodes of Pawn Stars, by now you should know that Star Trek stuff is highly collectible and can be worth good money. A recent Julien’s auction proved this same fact when it put a one-of-a-kind phaser rifle up for grabs. The weird-looking prop ended up bringing in $231,000 at auction.
Signed Copy Of Sgt. Pepper Earns Nearly $300K At Auction
Apparently, the Beatles are worth more as a group than they are worth individually. An auction held on Saturday pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars for Beatles memorabilia, but a signed album took home the cake in Dallas auctioneer Heritage’s Entertainment & Memorabilia Signature Auction.
Princess Diana Gowns Auction For Over A Million Dollars
Celebrity items can go for a pretty penny at auction, but items belonging to British darling Princess Diana, whose untimely death forever memorialized the royal family member and charity spokeswoman may take the cake. Ten dresses belonging to the late Princess were auctioned off on Tuesday via Kerry Taylor Auctions and ended up fetching $1.2 million at auction.
New York City Auction Will Feature 125 Meteorites, Including One That Looks Like The Scream
On October 14, a New York City auction house will give attendees the opportunity to purchase some awesome meteorites in a huge collection that will feature dozens of the artifacts for purchase. The items set for sale during the auction are mostly meteorites of various shapes and sizes, with a few special and extremely expensive meteorites thrown in for good measure.
Elvis Presley's Crypt Is Up For Auction
When Elvis Presley died in 1977, he was placed in a large mausoleum next to his mother Gladys. A few months later however, his family had a change of heart and decided Graceland was the better place for The King to spend eternity. Both Elvis and Gladys were moved to his tourist attraction property where they’ve remained ever since. As for the crypt, it has stood completely empty, but it looks like it might not stay that way for long.
Queen Elizabeth's Panties Sell For 18K
The cream and lace-edged silk piece of clothing was monogrammed with the royal crown as well as the letter “E;” however, because the garment maker and the royal palace were staying out of the whole affair, there was no way to specifically prove the underwear was once in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II. This meant potential buyers had to take a pretty big leap of faith when bidding on the pair. Regardless, the panties eventually drummed up $18,000 dollars on E-Bay and went to one anonymous and presumably lucky owner.
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