Breaking Bad Auctioning Off Props Including Hazmat Suit And A Teddy Bear

When a show ends, the sets have to be torn down and the props disposed of. For the shows lucky enough to have tons of invested fans, sometimes studios will put together auctions to sell off some of a show’s best props. Universal Studios did this recently with several The Office props and soon Breaking Bad will be selling off some of its most iconic props, along with some oddball ones.

Of course, AMC is still in the throes of airing new episodes of Breaking Bad. As a result, Sony Pictures Entertainment is holding off on starting any bids until September 29. The company has partnered with a new online auction site called ScreenBid to unveil what currently looks to be 224 items. The auction will run through October 8.

Now that you have the details, we can talk about some of the fun stuff being sold in the auction. With a couple of hundred props currently ready to be bid on by Breaking Bad fans, there’s a wide variety of items that will be available and there will also be a wide range of starting bids. Some of the items, like Marie’s purple mug, have a starting bid of only $10, while other items will mean buyers will have to shell out several thousand dollars just to get in on the opening bid. Sony will definitely come out of this with plenty of profit in its pockets.

Typically memorabilia that can be displayed goes for more than costumes, but Breaking Bad has featured some widely used Hazmat suits and if you want that bright yellow one Walter White has rocked out in the series, you can totally bid for it. The bidding on that sucker starts at $1,500 dollars. My real question when it comes to costume memorabilia is how people plan to display that sort of thing after they purchase it. That very much seems like a dude purchase that a wife would not be happy about framing and putting on the wall, but since there are plenty of female Breaking Bad fans out there, I could be wrong.


Other props include vehicles, and Walter White’s iconic tidy whities. Yes, some of these items are pretty weird, but on the bright side, bidding on the underwear only starts at $250 dollars. You can check out the gallery, below, which features a few of the other props available to be bid on, like glassware, grills, teddy bears, and copies of Leaves of Grass.

I know that all of this bidding on Breaking Bad props is really cool, but it’s also bittersweet, as it means the series is very close to airing its final episode. Two more episodes are slated to hit AMC this month, and the good news is that both will offer more than an hour of footage, at least if you include commercials. Breaking Bad airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo Credit@ ScreenBid

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