Watch Warcraft Get Torn Apart In New Honest Trailer
The Warcraft movie made gigantic piles of money overseas but wasn't particularly loved by critics or fans over here. Now, let's take a look back at what worked, and what didn't in Warcraft.
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Watch Captain America: Civil War Get Ripped Apart In New Honest Trailer
Captain America: Civil War just got an honest trailer, and it points out the myriad issues that the movie still had - despite how much we loved it.
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The Honest Trailer For The Blair Witch Project Is As Vicious As You'd Think, Watch It Now
Next week, audiences will be able to go to the theater and see the first Blair Witch movie made in about 16 years. But before you buy your tickets and head in early to grab a good seat, Honest Trailers is here to remind you that the original Blair Witch Project back in 1999 had just a few key problems.
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Batman: The Killing Joke Just Got An Honest Trailer And It’s Brutal
The Honest Trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke is a must watch for those of you that despised Warner Bros Animation's shoddy adaptation of the beloved comic book. Which, quite frankly, should be everyone.
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Watch Pixels Get Ripped To Shreds In This Brutal Video
Admit it... you knew this day was eventually going to come. Pixels has gotten the Honest Trailers treatment, and it's every bit as devastating as you'd hoped.
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Even Wreck-It Ralph Has Huge Problems, According To The Latest Honest Trailer
Though the film may have been released in 2012, leave it to Scree Junkies to prove that it's never too late to get in a couple of quick laughs out of Wreck-It Ralph. Click through, and let the laughter begin!
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Ryan Reynolds Helps To Rip Deadpool In The Funniest Honest Trailer Yet
While the team over at Screen Junkies is always good for a couple of solid laughs, they’ve outdone themselves with their newest trailer, for Deadpool. After all, how does one make jokes about a film which already one of the funniest things we’ve seen in years?
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Game Of Thrones Gets Ripped Apart In Hilarious Honest Trailer
You know you’re doing something right, or possibly very wrong, if you become the subject of not just one Honest Trailers video, but two of them. Such is the case with Game of Thrones, and Seasons 4 and 5 gets taken down here.
Superman Returns Honest Trailer Reminds Us How Boring That Movie Really Is
The big Honest Trailers competition is over, and Superman Returns is the DC sequel that's gotten the latest round of harsh but firm treatment from the folks at Screen Junkies. Read on to watch the fun for yourself.
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The Jungle Book Honest Trailer Reminds Us Of The Disney Cartoon's Many Faults
In anticipation of Jon Favreau's imminent update of the classic Disney tale, the folks at Screen Junkies have crafted an Honest Trailer for The Jungle Book to remind us of the movie’s flaws.
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Deadpool Almost Had An Extremely Meta End Credits Sequence
Deadpool almost ended on a truly brilliant note, with an idea for an end credits sequence that would have had them rolling in the aisles. Read on to see why the ending we got instead may have been the better option.
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Watch Leonardo DiCaprio's Emotional, Oscar-Winning Grunting In The Revenant Honest Trailer
The Revenant has finally been given the Honest Trailers treatment, and it's as critical and hysterical as you'd hoped. Read on to see the Screen Junkies crew give the Best Picture nominee what for.
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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Gets Ripped To Shreds In Vicious New Video
Are you one of the legions of fans who absolutely adore Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World? Then this video might just go a long way towards changing your mind.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Already Has An Honest Trailer, And It's Vicious
We're still a long way from returning to that far, far away galaxy, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens already has its very own Honest Trailer. And it's as brutal as you expect.
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The Aladdin Honest Trailer Rips The Animated Disney Classic To Shreds
Screen Junkies dissects the animated classic in a way only 23 years of hindsight can provide as Aladdin is the latest film served up perfectly as part of the outlet's Honest Trailers web series.
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Mad Max Fury Road's Honest Trailer Makes Us Want To Watch This Movie Again Right Now
The internet is full of video of people beating up terrible movies. The thing is, that’s incredibly easy to do. It’s much harder to make quality jokes at the expense of a good movie. It can actually be even funnier since you don’t hear those jokes nearly as often.
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Watch Jurassic Park: The Lost World Get Torn To Shreds In Brutally Honest Video
Want to point and laugh at Jurassic Park: The Lost World? Then watch Honest Trailers' savage take down of it.
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The Armageddon Honest Trailer Is One Big Middle Finger To Michael Bay
Don't close you eyes, and don't fall asleep - because you're not going to want this week's Honest Trailer!
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Fifty Shades Of Grey Just Got An Honest Trailer That's Pretty Accurate
Honest Trailers have done what they do best, and highlighted just how truly awful Fifty Shades Of Grey is.
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Interstellar's Honest Trailer Points Out The Movie's Serious Flaws
Whether you loved or hated Interstellar, you'll probably get a kick out of Screen Junkies giving it the usual Honest Trailer treatment.
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