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In a movie market saturated with superhero movies, Deadpool stands out from the pack for several reasons, chief among them his habit of breaking the fourth wall. In the midst of his cinematic adventures, Wade Wilson pokes fun not just at what he's going through, but other areas of pop culture. But Ryan Reynolds' iteration of the Merc with the Mouth doesn't just keep his wisecracking limited to the big screen. Back in 2016, when Deadpool found itself the subject of an Honest Trailer, Reynolds reprised Wade to poke fun at the movie, and now he's back for the Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer. Only this time, he'd rather spend his energy on a different target, as you'll see below.

The Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer starts off normally, with the narrator commenting on how the sequel was surprisingly good, if not better than Deadpool, especially given that it arrived just three weeks after "a funeral," a.k.a. Avengers: Infinity War. But then Ryan... sorry, Wade Wilson pops to predict what he's going to say next about Deadpool 2 and chew him out for not doing an Honest Trailer about Coco, which is what commenters have been asking for. Then, deciding to take matters into his own hands, Wade hijacks the Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer and use it to critique what Honest Trailers does on a weekly basis. For instance, when Wade notes the "logic gap" that if Cable changed the future, he wouldn't need to travel back in time in the first place, prompting the narrator to agree, Wade retorts that this is a movie about a "cyborg cartoon with huge pouches and tiny feet." It's not worth looking at this story like it's set in the real world.

This latest fourth wall break from Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool came at the expense of Honest Trailers, but it proves yet again why Deadpool is so unique among the other characters leading their own superhero movies. He gets to tease and tear into all the tropes, whether they're superhero-related or not, and if that requires him barging into an Honest Trailer unannounced, then so be it. That being said, the Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer ended with Wade departing in disgust after learning that Honest Trailers has been nominated for three Emmys, but the narrator suspects that he'll be back for the Detective Pikachu Honest Trailer. Fingers crossed that actually ends up happening. In fact, let's just have Deadpool crash all future Honest Trailers that are about Ryan Reynolds movies.

Deadpool 2 is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. The Merc with the Mouth, as well as Cable and Domino, are expected to return for X-Force, which is being written and directed by Drew Goddard, and Deadpool 3 is in development as well. Check out our X-Men films guide to see what other projects are in development for the mutant-filled franchise, and look through our 2018 release schedule if you're interested in planning your trips to the theater later this year.