A Quiet Place's Honest Trailer Has Plenty Of Whispering And Even Sign Language

One of the best, and easily the most successful, horror film of 2018 so far is John Krasinski's A Quiet Place. The high concept film provided a theatrical experience unlike any other, so it is only fitting that the Honest Trailer for A Quiet Place is unlike any other. It features plenty of whispering from Trailer Voice Guy and even uses sign language, all while highlighting some of the films sillier aspects. Take a look below to see the Honest Trailer for A Quiet Place.

One of the biggest discussions surrounding A Quiet Place was about how audiences were scared to make noises in the theater while watching it, and thankfully this trailer touches on that. Sadly, one location in real life that is often not a quiet place is the inside of a movie theater, but this movie forces people to actually shut up for once. An incredible feat to be sure, although replicating it at scale is the real challenge. The silence in the film is so blissful that the narrator even laments that he cannot have the peace and quiet afforded by this dystopian reality. Sure, the threat of getting murdered by aliens for walking too loud is tough, but if that's the tradeoff for privacy and relaxation, it's a worthy sacrifice.

I love that the Trailer Voice Guy adheres to the rules of the film and maintains a whisper the whole time. He even has a guy translating it all into American Sign Language. The trailer also highlights some of the elements of A Quiet Place that don't quite make sense, like why there are inconsistencies with the decibel level required to alert the creatures and bring death down upon you. It's also pretty funny that Screen Junkies' latest Honest Trailer brings up the, umm, loudness of certain bodily functions and the dangers they would pose in this world, although John Krasinski has already addressed this issue.

When I saw A Quiet Place, I totally missed how closely Emily Blunt's character stepping on the nail echoes a scene from Home Alone, but it's pretty remarkable how hilarious it plays in that film versus the impending dread and cringing it causes in A Quiet Place. And yes, there are definitely more shots of feet in this movie than your average film.

This Honest Trailer is not alone in the belief that A Quiet Place does not need a sequel, but you don't get to just be a one-off when you make $331 million on a budget of $17 million, so a sequel is happening regardless. A Quiet Place 2 is officially moving forward and fortunately, it looks like John Krasinski will be involved in the sequel in some way.

A Quiet Place is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest movie news, and check out our release guide for all the biggest movies arriving in (hopefully quiet) theaters this year.

Nick Evans

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