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Incredibles 2's Honest Trailer Tears Into The Sequel Repeating The Original

Since it had been fourteen years since one of Pixar's most beloved films, The Incredibles hit theaters, the sequel was much-anticipated and expectations were sky high. For many fans, Incredibles 2 proved worth the wait, exceeding the quality of the first film and soaring to be Pixar's highest grossing film to date. The film is now available to ow,n and it's come time to revisit the animated superhero film and stretch it apart with the latest episode of Honest Trailers. Check it out:

Screen Junkies continues to poke fun at popular movie releases with this entry surrounding Incredibles 2 with quite a few jabs at Pixar itself. Foremost, the episode begs the question, is the company feeding us the same story lines over and over? And why does it always seem to work on us? One must remember that Pixar has a tried-and-true production formula that has found its victory time and time again and well "if it ain't broke" right? As the Honest Trailer illustrates, Incredibles 2 used many of the same plot devices at the first, almost to the tee in this case and we loved every minute of it.

Just as in The Incredibles, the sequel had the family of supers learning to work together to fight an unsuspecting villain, after one of the parents is lured to work under them. Incredibles 2 did switch up the script, this time giving Elastigirl more time on screen to flex her muscles along with the screen-stealing Jack Jack growing into all his powers. While at its core the two films hold many similarities, I'd argue Incredibles 2 skillfully built on the roots of the original in a way some of their other sequels missed the mark on. The Honest Trailer does a great job of illustrating how Pixar tends to end a staggering amount of their films with a chase scene, dating all the way back to the "To Infinity and Beyond" moment in 1995's Toy Story.

While Pixar started out as an innovative and creative animation company, delivering previous features such as Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Cars, it was only a matter of time before they turned them into franchises. Recently, Pixar has been releasing a greater number of sequels than original films, oftentimes not up to par with its original films. Incredibles 2 felt like an outlier as it set the Pixar sequel standard that the Toy Story films started. The Honest Trailer highlights this, noting the worst of the bunch, Cars 2.

While we might be woke about Pixar's frequent patterns after that Honest Trailer, the company won't turn away its audiences any time soon as long as their formula is executed as beautifully and enjoyably as before. Toy Story 4 is up next on Pixar's line-up, coming to theaters on June 21, 2019. After almost a decade of radio silence from the merry band of toys and the incomparable track record of the franchise, Incredibles 2 could soon be dethroned as Pixar's biggest success.

Sarah El-Mahmoud

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