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Michael Fassbender's Macbeth Trailer Is Dark And Intense

Something wicked this way comes, and it’s the new Macbeth trailer. Michael Fassbender performs the title role in the latest adaptation of the Shakespeare classic.

Martin Scorsese Is Doing A Version Of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Expect Awesomeness

Martin Scorsese has told his share of Shakespearian tales, but now he's tackling the Bard for real.

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Michael Fassbender Plots To Kill A King In New Macbeth Photos

Shakespearean adaptations are like candy to Hollywood. Some are deliciously well done, while others make you spit them out in anger and demand a refund. If Michael Fassbender and Justin Kurzel have anything to say about it, their version of Macbeth will be one of those sweet successes we all look forward to.

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Marion Cotillard Replaces Natalie Portman As Lady Macbeth

Do you want to be married to Michael Fassbender? Wait, before you jump at the opportunity, you probably need the details. First of all, it's only on screen. Second of all, it's a marriage that, by the time the story starts, has already gotten a little strange. Third, it's a marriage that ends in not just your death and his death, but the death of pretty much everyone else around you. Being Mrs.Fassbender might be great, but being Lady Macbeth is a much tougher job

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Natalie Portman Will Be Michael Fassbender's Lady In Macbeth

Natalie Portman has committed to play Lady Macbeth opposite Fassbender. So two of contemporary cinema's most scintillating stars are now uniting to take on one of William Shakespeare's most famous works.

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Michael Fassbender Will Be Macbeth

Set in 11th century Scotland, Macbeth centers on one couple's ruthless ambition to secure the throne. Of course Fassbender as Macbeth is a major casting coup, but equally important is who will play his malevolent Lady M.

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