Whether playing a brooding aristocrat, smug cinephile, vengeful mutant, shame-filled sex addict, or pragmatic android, Michael Fassbender has awed audiences and critics alike. So for his next feat, he'll take on one of the most coveted and challenging roles of all time. Screen Daily reports Fassbender is now attached to front See Saw Film's adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

The British production company that has brought forth such acclaimed cinema as The King's Speech, Shame and Top of the Lake (which is now streaming) have attached celebrated Snowtown director Justin Kurzel to helm. Adding to the pre-production buzz is the script by Todd Louiso and Jacob Koskoff, which has been the most in-demand as we head into the Cannes Film Festival. So, on paper this adaptation is already incredibly promising.

Set in 11th century Scotland, Macbeth centers on one couple's ruthless ambition to secure the throne. Of course Fassbender as Macbeth is a major casting coup, but equally important is who will play his malevolent Lady M.

Casting is underway for that role, which is sure to be sought after not only because its fantastically written and iconic, but also because it offers the opportunity to co-star with one of Hollywood's most buzzed about leading men. Reportedly "at least one Hollywood leading actress" is in talks to play Lady Macbeth, but no hints are being dropped as to whom that might be. Maybe Natalie Portman could sign on and give us the team-up we'd desperately hoped to see in Jane Got a Gun? With Macbeth expected to shoot later this year, we should know soon.

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