Daniel Craig Still Knows How To Rock A Suit For His First Post-James Bond Premiere

Daniel Craig's James Bond wearing snazzy suit in Skyfall
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The James Bond movies are currently in a period of transition, as the Daniel Craig era has taken its final bow. With No Time To Die taking its place in history, Craig’s future career has gotten off to a promising start with his Broadway production of Macbeth. That hasn’t stopped the man (who may have been born to play Bond) from still knowing how to rock a suit, as his first post-007 premiere event proved this past weekend.

The Longacre Theatre finally saw Macbeth opening its doors to the public for its official run of shows. For several reasons, this occasion was worthy of a huge celebration, and a pink carpet to mark the night. Now, I can safely say that one of those victories to be celebrated is the following photo of the former 007 proving that he can still dress to kill:

Daniel Craig, standing solo on the pink carpet, at Macbeth.

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While it’s hard to be certain without some more details, one has to wonder if the star is sporting a Tom Ford in these photos. As the preferred designer for most of the Daniel Craig era of James Bond, it would make total sense if he was. Regardless of whomever the man is wearing, the play's titular lead is stunning as ever. 

After encountering delays during previews, thanks to COVID-19 infections taking Daniel Craig and others out of circulation for some time, it’s full steam ahead. Seeing as Macbeth is only booked for a limited run in its current theater home, there’s a lot of ground to make up for in the next couple of weeks. 

All the more reason to dress your show’s cast in their finest, and have them pose for some killer photos. Co-star/Lady Macbeth actor Ruth Negga was also spotted, photographed alongside the leading man on a carpet her character would probably kill to try and get clean. Take a look at the latest power couple to slay their way to the throne: 

Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga on the pink carpet for Macbeth.

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Speaking of getting things clean, you have to pity the costuming department for the play, as it can tend to be one of the bloodiest William Shakespeare productions. Naturally, this varies depending on what sort of show the creative team is putting on. However, along with photos of the pink carpet gala came some shots from the curtain call for the whole cast. Judging by what you’ll see with Daniel Craig’s outfit at the end of the show, those sympathies are well warranted. 

Daniel Craig standing arms open at the curtain call for Macbeth.

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Even in bloodied death, he still looks he could be considered a DILF and get away with it. Should that end up happening during the rest of his current stage gig's run, we simultaneously apologize to the star himself, while also saying "you're welcome" to his fans. It can't be helped because, to paraphrase the philosopher collective ZZ Top on the matter, everyone's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Macbeth is currently slated to run until July 15th at the Longacre Theatre. And though he may have hung up his Walther PPK as 007, Daniel Craig is still on track to stun audiences on the schedule of 2022 movie releases. Keep an eye out for Knives Out 2, which has yet to reveal an official title and release date, slated to hit Netflix at some point this fall.

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