Could Ridley Scott Direct Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie?
The solo Batman is currently searching for a director to replace Ben Affleck, and Matt Reeves looks like the frontrunner, but what are the odds that the man behind the Alien franchise could step in to take his place?
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Why The Alien Franchise Needs To End, According To James Cameron
Some franchises need to end, and Alien is on that list if you talk to James Cameron. His reasons, however valid they may be, are inside.
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Alien: Covenant Is Getting A VR Experience
Movie-game tie-ins don't always do so great, just the same as game-based movies don't always do so great. Well, Fox is trying something a little different with Alien: Covenant by creating a more definitive experience using the power of virtual reality.
Why Ridley Scott Doesn’t Like Superhero Movies
Don't expect Ridley Scott to helm the next Marvel of DC movie. The acclaimed director isn't a big fan of superhero movies, so hit the jump to learn his reasoning.
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Alien: Covenant Reveals First Cryptic Teaser
Alien: Covenant has finally given us what we've always wanted for Christmas: a Xenomorph egg! Read on to see the teaser for tomorrow's big trailer reveal.
Bloody New Alien: Covenant Image Proves This Film Is Going For Gory Horror
Alien: Covenant, directed by Ridley Scott, follows up his actions of Prometheus, but may not be as direct a sequel as we initially thought. Covenant is the name of the ship showcased in the new movie, which is a charter ship headed for an unmanned paradise.
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Alien: Covenant Footage Just Screened And The Reactions Are In
While Prometheus didn't exactly blow us away when it came out a few years ago, it didn't scare Ridley Scott away from the Alien franchise that he started back in 1979.
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See The Alien: Covenant Photo Ridley Scott Shared On His Birthday
How do you celebrate your birthday if you're Ridley Scott? Apparently, you give the world another slight glimpse into the nightmare you're creating for their enjoyment! Take a look at this latest sneak peek at the world of Alien: Covenant, inside.
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Blade Runner 2 Reveals Its Title And A Key New Detail
After more than a year of referring to the upcoming blockbuster simply as Blade Runner 2, the sequel finally has an official title, which reveals a key detail.
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Why Russell Crowe Is Still Stunned Gladiator Won An Oscar
Russell Crowe has revealed that shooting Gladiator was a complete and utter nightmare as they started with only 21 pages. However, he admitted that, in the long run, it actually worked out rather well for all involved.
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Alien: Covenant Wraps Production By Sharing This Unusual Photo
After beginning principal photography at the beginning of April, Alien: Covenant finished filming today, and to celebrate the accomplishment, they posted an unusual photo.
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Here’s The Entire Aliens Story, Crunched Into One Hilarious Video
The Alien franchise is a hot mess. Is that ok to say? While the first two films are solid cinema, after that the entire thing goes off the deep end. A new video now tries, and fails, to make sense of it all.
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The Martian Extended Cut Includes 11 New Scenes, Here's What Happens In Them
Mark Watney's adventure on Mars in The Martian was harrowing enough as it was shown in theaters, but now there's an extended cut that restores about 10 minutes of footage into the film. Read on for your guide to what those moments are comprised of.
Katherine Waterston's Alien: Covenant Role May Be Much More Important Than We Realized
It seems that one role in the Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien: Covenant might be way more important to the history of the franchise than we had previously thought.
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An Alien: Covenant Character Has Nowhere To Run In This Terrifying New Photo
A new picture from the set of Alien: Covenant has emerged, and it looks as though Katherine Waterston is channeling Sigourney Weaver's Ripley.
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Ridley Scott Reunites The Martian Team For Something Completely Different, Get The Details
Just when Ridley Scott and Drew Goddard thought they were out of the sand, The Martian collaborators have brought some more members of their Mars stranded family to the wild west. Read on to find out about their latest project.
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Alien: Covenant Beefs Up Its Cast As Shooting Nears
Alien: Covenant already has an impressive collection of actors in its cast, but Ridley Scott's science fiction film recently added a quartet of newcomers. Check out who is who by clicking inside.
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Alien: Covenant Adds Another Terrific Actor To Its All-Star Cast
Because this is Sir Ridley Scott we're talking about, not to mention an Alien movie, Alien: Covenant is putting together an awesome cast, including the latest addition to the roster.
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Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant Just Added An Unexpected And Hilarious Star
We've head some news about the cast of Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, including a new cast member, a returning cast member, and one actor who won't be back, but now they've added an unexpectedly hilarious actor to the call sheet.
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Alien: Covenant Won't Include Prometheus' Noomi Rapace
Though it has a different name and will reportedly lead to Alien, Alien: Covenant is still a descendent of Prometheus. When it hits theaters, however, one key piece will be missing: Noomi Rapace
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