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Shia LaBeouf Is Definitely Out For Indiana Jones 5, Here's What The Screenwriter Says

It was a creative decision that damn near sank the Indiana Jones franchise. When Harrison Ford returned to his iconic role for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he was given a son. And that son was played by Shia LaBeouf.

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E.T. Was Supposed To Have A Much Different Ending

"I'll be right here." E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial has one of the most emotional endings in Steven Spielberg's entire catalogue. And yet, this almost wasn't the ending of the movie, as original star Robert MacNaughton -- who played Elliott's big brother, Michael -- now confirms an alternate take.

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Which Indiana Jones Film Is Steven Spielberg's Least Favorite

Not all Indiana Jones films are created equal, and Steven Spielberg has finally admitted which entry in the franchise he dislikes most.

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A Theater Is Screening Jaws From The Water, So Let Your Nightmares Begin

Are you brave enough to watch Jaws from the water? Steven Spielberg's classic is screening in the middle of a body of water, meaning absolutely no one can tell if you wet yourself or not.

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Elizabeth Banks Apologized For Calling Steven Spielberg Out

At the most, this seems like a slightly misinformed, spa-judgment statement made about the biggest and most influential filmmaker of the modern tentpole error. Does Banks wish she could take it all back? Yeah, she likely does.

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Elizabeth Banks’ Big Issue With Steven Spielberg’s Movies

Elizabeth Banks was recognized with an important award last night, and in her acceptance speech decided to take aim at something she thought was very important regarding the work of one of the biggest directors working in Hollywood.

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Steven Spielberg's Pentagon Papers Movie Cast: A Rundown Of The Stars

Steven Spielberg is already deep in production on his next film, The Papers, and while we knew that two huge stars had joined the cast, it's now been revealed that even more famous faces are going to be a part of the movie. Read on to see who's involved.

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The Animaniacs Are Coming Back To TV, And Helloooooo Nurse

"New Animaniacs" used to just be a pipe dream, but a new take on the beloved Warner Bros. characters could actually exist.

Indiana Jones 5 Has Been Pushed Back, Giving Doctor Jones Time For Love

This means that Harrison Ford will be 76, presumably, when shooting Indiana Jones 5 with Steven Spielberg, and will be 77 when it is released.

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HTC Vive Will Produce Ready Player One VR Content, Because We Already Live In The Future

Valve and HTC have teamed up with Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Entertainment for the upcoming 2018 theatrical release of Ready Player One. They will be producing virtual reality content in relation to the movie.

Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep And Steven Spielberg May Make The Most Oscary Oscar Movie That Ever Oscared

Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Steven Spielberg are working on a film together, so you might as well already hand them over all of the awards.

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A Jurassic Park Alternate Ending Has Been Revealed, And It’s Amazing

Jurassic Park almost had an entirely different ending from the one we saw in theaters, and it would've been absolutely awesome.

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Shia LaBeouf Backtracks on Steven Spielberg Criticism

After slamming the director earlier this year, Shia LaBeouf is backtracking a bit on his criticism of Steven Spielberg. I guess it's not such a great idea to openly slam one of the most popular directors ever.

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The Two Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scenes Steven Spielberg Changed

While J.J. Abrams was the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he was far from the only filmmaker that was directly involved in the movie's production. It turns out Steven Spielberg had some direct influence on the film as well.

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What The Lost Boys From Steven Spielberg’s Hook Look Like Now

Steven Spielberg's adult Peter Pan movie Hook is not exactly remembered as one of the director's great masterpieces. However, over the last couple of decades it has gained a following, and on its 25th anniversary, the lost boys came back together.

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Ready Player One Movie: What We Know So Far

Any Steven Spielberg movie is a big deal, and every movie based on a best-seller with a rabid fanbase is a big deal. And it just so happens, the director's next movie is based a hugely popular novel. Here's everything we know about Ready Player One so far.

Peter Jackson Working On A Top Secret Film For Steven Spielberg

Years after The Adventures of Tintin was supposed to kick off their cinematic partnership, Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are reuniting for an extremely secretive project. Read on to see what we know so far.

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To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy the Right The BFG Ticket

It's been a fairly good year for family films, with hits like Zootopia, and Kung Fu Panda 3 coming out before this summer. However, Disney hopes they have the biggest (and friendliest) family film of the year in _The BFG. _

The Key Film That Helped Steven Spielberg Wrap His Mind Around The BFG

You'd think that any filmmaker working on a new big-screen version of a Roald Dahl story would reflect on past adaptations for reference, but those projects weren't the main focus for director Steven Spielberg in the making of the upcoming The BFG.

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That Time Steven Spielberg Got Kicked Off An Alfred Hitchcock Film Set

Did you know that Steven Spielberg used to sneak onto film sets as a kid? Well during one of those set visits, he was kicked off of a film being directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Read on to get the details.

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