What The Lost Boys From Steven Spielberg’s Hook Look Like Now
Steven Spielberg's adult Peter Pan movie Hook is not exactly remembered as one of the director's great masterpieces. However, over the last couple of decades it has gained a following, and on its 25th anniversary, the lost boys came back together.
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Ready Player One Movie: What We Know So Far
Any Steven Spielberg movie is a big deal, and every movie based on a best-seller with a rabid fanbase is a big deal. And it just so happens, the director's next movie is based a hugely popular novel. Here's everything we know about Ready Player One so far.
Peter Jackson Working On A Top Secret Film For Steven Spielberg
Years after The Adventures of Tintin was supposed to kick off their cinematic partnership, Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are reuniting for an extremely secretive project. Read on to see what we know so far.
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To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy the Right The BFG Ticket
It's been a fairly good year for family films, with hits like Zootopia, and Kung Fu Panda 3 coming out before this summer. However, Disney hopes they have the biggest (and friendliest) family film of the year in _The BFG. _
The Key Film That Helped Steven Spielberg Wrap His Mind Around The BFG
You'd think that any filmmaker working on a new big-screen version of a Roald Dahl story would reflect on past adaptations for reference, but those projects weren't the main focus for director Steven Spielberg in the making of the upcoming The BFG.
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That Time Steven Spielberg Got Kicked Off An Alfred Hitchcock Film Set
Did you know that Steven Spielberg used to sneak onto film sets as a kid? Well during one of those set visits, he was kicked off of a film being directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Read on to get the details.
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The Star Wars Universe Will Never See This Legendary Director Lead One Of Its Films
With the return of the Star Wars universe in a big way, fans have the chance to get countless more stories told inside one of their favorite fictional universes. That's not the only new opportunity of course. New storytellers also have the chance to put their own spin on the material.
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One Change Steven Spielberg Would Make To Jaws If He Filmed The Movie Today
Steven Spielberg has made some of the most loved, and most successful, movies of the last 30 years. While most of his features have aged fairly well, the director admits that if he were remaking one of his classics today, there's one thing he would do differently.
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One Steven Spielberg Reference That's Definitely Going To Be In Ready Player One
Author Ernie Cline's novel Ready Player One is filled to the brim with references to the works of director Steven Spielberg -- but we already know that's something that's going to be changed in a big way for Spielberg's upcoming big screen adaptation.
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The Oscar-Winning Musical Steven Spielberg Says He Plans To Remake
Steven Spielberg's career has covered nearly every genre of film conceivable. He's done more than his share of science fiction, action-adventure, and high drama. However, there's one place he's never gone before, that he hopes to do soon, the musical.
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The One Thing Steven Spielberg is Already Promising About Indiana Jones 5
With a new Indiana Jones movie in development, everybody is wondering what Steven Spielberg is planning for the aging archaeologist to do. While we don't know those answers yet, there is one thing we know we won't be seeing, and it's a bit of a shock.
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Steven Spielberg Is Developing A Biopic On An American Legend, Here's What We Know
For a good portion of his career, Steven Spielberg has focused on history before or around World War II. However, after Bridge Of Spies, it seems as if the legendary director has started to move his way towards more modern conflicts - with a new project in the works only further confirming such speculation.
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Why The Lost World Is Worse Than Jurassic Park, According To Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg's an amazing filmmaker, but his sequels tend to fall short of the original film. As it turns out: he seems to have a reason for this common occurrence.
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Which Superhero Movie Is The Best, According To Steven Spielberg
While there are currently no plans for Steven Spielberg to direct such a superhero movie, the iconic director has watched quite a few of them. Here’s the one he considers the best.
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E.T. As A 90's Sitcom Is Surprisingly Delightful
90’s sitcoms were known for a lot of things, but probably chief among them was that they usually tackled family values with plenty of wacky high jinks and a lack of subtly. This is what E.T. would look like if it were a 90's sitcom and it's glorious.
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Steven Spielberg's The BFG Just Screened At Cannes, Here's What Critics Are Saying
The reviews for Steven Spielberg's The BFG are in from the Cannes Film Festival, so let's break down the good, not so good, and the downright bad.
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How Much Of Ready Player One Takes Place In The Virtual World, According To Its Star
While we’re still a couple of years away from the Steven Spielberg directed adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, pre-production is beginning to get underway.
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Upcoming Steven Spielberg Movies: Indiana Jones 5, Ready Player One And More
With the recent announcement that he's putting Indiana Jones 5 on his radar, though, Spielberg sends ripples through a series of previously announced projects on the director's packed schedule. So, what can we expect?
The Most Important Role In Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One Has Just Been Cast
While many of the key roles of Ready Player One have been set, there is one very important part that we have yet to hear about. After all, you can't create a virtual world without casting a creator.
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Steven Spielberg Will Squeeze In An Oscar Contender Before Starting Ready Player One
When your career has been as lauded as that of Steven Spielberg and you have as much power as he does to get films made, it’s not to come by film projects that you want to jump right into. Such seems to be the case, since he's already found the next movie he’s going to direct.
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