Did Michael Cudlitz Just Reveal Abraham's Fate In The Walking Dead?
Michael Cudlitz, who plays everyone's favorite swearing ginger Abraham, may have let slip what happens to his character.
The Walking Dead Almost Had An Absolutely Horrible Premise, Here’s What We Know
Part of what makes The Walking Dead such great television is the balance between the constant threat of zombies and the even more dangerous human survivors. Well now it appears that one half of that threat was originally not going to be very present. And it ain't the humans.
When The Walking Dead Season 6 Is Hitting Netflix
The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows on television, but some fans don't get to watch seasons as they unfold live. The first five seasons have been on Netflix for a while, and now we know when Season 6 will become available.
We Now Know Who One Of The Walking Dead's New Mystery Characters Is
The Walking Dead constantly gives its creative team the decision of whether to directly adapt from the comic or introduce new elements. Season 7 will be the expected mixture of both, and more light has been shed on one of those new characters we'll meet.
Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz's Brutally Honest Opinion On Spoilers
Fans of The Walking Dead have been desperately trying to figure out which character died in the finale. Now actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays everyone's favorite foul mouthed survivor Abraham, has spoken up regarding spoilers. And he didn't hold back, either.
Why Norman Reedus Ran Around The Walking Dead Set Naked
Strange occurrences must happen frequently on the set of a show about the zombie apocalypse, but it isn't every day The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus finds a reason to run around naked.
Watch The Cast Of The Walking Dead Sing Happy Birthday To Demi Lovato
The cast of The Walking Dead recently helped pop star Demi Lovato celebrate her 24th birthday by sending her a surprise video. Check it out here.
How Dark The Walking Dead Is Going To Get This Season, According To Greg Nicotero
While the mystery of who Negan killed is the focus of much of the The Walking Dead's anticipation, there's going to be an entire season that will follow. And it looks like it's going to be a dark one.
The Walking Dead: How Morgan Was Originally Supposed To Catch Up With Rick's Group
The Walking Dead spent a long time teasing the return of Morgan as a main character, and he finally showed up for good in the Season 5 finale. As it turns out, however, he was originally slated to return much earlier.
New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In August 2016
We hope you are excited about movies this month, because there are a slew of new releases that should be worth at least a watch, and may even earn a coveted spot on your shelf.
The Iconic Walking Dead Comic Moment The Uncensored Season 6 Finale Will Give Us
Perhaps more than any other, Season 6 of The Walking Dead brought some of my favorite moments from the comic book series to live-action, and the upcoming uncensored version of the finale will deliver yet another one.
The Walking Dead Is Casting A Fascinating New Character, Here's What We Know
When The Walking Dead came to a close at the end of Season 6, there were seemingly more characters than there were zombies in Season 1, and Season 7 is set to open things up even wider. And now some unexpected casting has been announced.
The Great Thing About Fear The Walking Dead Shooting In So Many Locations
In its effort to expand Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead universe, Fear the Walking Dead has give viewers a peek at many different locations in a small number of episodes. Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey recently shared with CinemaBlend why this is such a great thing.
Why The Walking Dead Is Set In Georgia, According To Robert Kirkman
After visiting his hometown, Robert Kirkman recently revealed why he ultimately decided not to set The Walking Dead in an urban setting.
The Walking Dead Season 7 Has More New Character Surprises In Store
The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead ended in a way that meant that death of one character, but it also introduced a bunch of new characters. According to one actor, we're in for a lot of surprises on the new character front.
The Walking Dead Dropped Some New Footage That Will Make Daryl Fans Worried
While the start date for The Walking Dead Season 7 isn't for another couple of months, there's no debate that fans want new footage. Thankfully, AMC released some earlier tonight, and I'm not sure Daryl Dixon fanatics are going to like it.
The Walking Dead May Be Giving Us New Footage Tonight, Here’s What We Know
Walking Dead fans have been eagerly anticipating its return since the cliffhanger that happened in April's season finale. Luckily for us, we should be getting some new footage this evening.
How One Walking Dead Star Pranks Fans Over The Cliffhanger
Few TV events in the last decade caused the kind of fan fervor that spawned during The Walking Dead Season 6, particularly where the finale cliffhanger was concerned. One star has a great way to deal with fans that ask him to reveal who died.
One Big Change The Walking Dead Season 7 Is Making From The Comics
The Walking Dead series on AMC has made some major divergences from the comics over the six seasons so far. We're in for one of the biggest to date when Season 7 kicks off this fall, and it could be awesome.
Why You Shouldn't Give Up On The Walking Dead After That Cliffhanger, According To Robert Kirkman
Season 6 of The Walking Dead ended on a crazy cliffhanger that had some fans declaring that they were done with the show forever. Executive producer Robert Kirkman has come up with a big reason why they should come back for Season 7.

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