See The First Look At Tom Hanks And Meg Ryan’s Reunion In Upcoming Movie Ithaca
It's been nearly 20 years since Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's last project together, but the actors are finally reuniting this fall for Ithaca, and today brings their first look at them together in the period drama.
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This Stunning New Sully Trailer Puts You In The Cockpit Next To Tom Hanks
Clint Eastwood's Sully already looks like an awards contender in the making, as well as a compelling drama to boot. However, this latest trailer plays closer towards the second possibility, and the film is all the better for it.
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Why Inferno Will Feel Refreshing To Fans, According To Ron Howard
Inferno is the third entry in the series of films starring Tom Hanks as symbologist Robert Langdon and it's going to be changing things up for fans. Find out how Inferno won't just be Tom Hanks solving intricate religion-themed mysteries.
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Why Tom Hanks’ Sully Producers Already Are Being Sued
When your movie deals with real life people and events, it's not uncommon for producers to get sued over the way something is portrayed. Of course, for that to happen, people have to see the movie. The new Tom Hanks film is getting sued long before that happens.
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Watch Tom Hanks Totally Lose It In These Maya And Marty Outtakes
Watch Tom Hanks barely keep it together in a series of absolutely hilarious outtakes from the NBC series Maya and Marty.
The New Sully Trailer Has Tom Hanks Braced For A Forced Water Landing
Headed into theaters this fall is Sully, a film that tells the story of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger's heroic efforts to land an aircraft full of people into the Hudson River. The trailer for Sully gives us more than a glimpse into Tom Hanks' portrayal of the pilot, as well as scenes from the "forced water landing" that was to become known as the Miracle on the Hudson. Check it out...
The 10 Highest Grossing Movie Stars Of All Time
We all like to know how much a movie is making at the box office, but now we're going to shift focus to the actors who help make those movies. Hit the jump to find out who the highest grossing actors in Hollywood are.
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Tom Hanks As Sully Looks Exactly Like You'd Imagine Tom Hanks To Look As Sully
When it comes to actors portraying real life people, while it's not required that a physical resemblance be perfect, it often helps with the illusion. Tom Hanks look in Sully is the kind of impersonation we'll never be able to unsee.
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Why Ron Howard Skipped Over Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol In Favor Of Inferno
Earlier today, Ron Howard jumped on the phone to talk Inferno, the movie's new trailer, and his work on Dan Brown's books, in general. And over the course of our conversation, I asked him why they skipped over The Lost Symbol, a Robert Langdon mystery set in Washington, D.C., and hopped right to Inferno.
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How Inferno Differs From The Da Vinci Code, According To Ron Howard
Ron Howard doesn't do sequels. The director has been hard at work in the film industry for decades, and he has been cranking out original works year after year, from Splash and Ransom to A Beautiful Mind and In The Heart of the Sea. But every couple of years, Howard gets Tom Hanks back on set for an adaptation of a thrilling Dan Brown novel, and they are back at it again with Inferno, due in theaters in October.
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So That's Why Movie Trailers Now Have Three-Second Teases Before Them
It’s certainly happened to us around here, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones. You click play on a new trailer for a movie you’re interested in, it begins to run, and you’re five seconds in before you discover that you’re not watching the trailer yet.
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Tom Hanks' Inferno Trailer Is Mysterious And Thrilling, Watch It Now
It’s been many years since we’ve seen Tom Hanks and Ron Howard together making a movie based on a Dan Brown novel, but if you’ve been desperately waiting for that day to come again, you don’t need to wait too much longer.
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10 Tribeca Film Festival Movies You're Going To Hear A Lot About
The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival begins this week. But which films are set to make a splash at the event? Well, click inside to find out.
Watch Tom Hanks Reinvent Himself In First A Hologram For The King Trailer
Reinvention is a big part of life, and figures prominently in movies, including Tom Hanks' latest, A Hologram for the King, which just delivered it's first trailer. Take a look for yourself.
Why Bridge Of Spies Has An Ace Up Its Sleeve In The Best Picture Race
Bridge of Spies isn’t necessarily being discussed in that small group of Bets Picture frontrunners, the way that Oscar pundits are mentioning Spotlight or The Revenant. But history has taught us that when it comes to Oscar and Spielberg, stories set in the past have a very bright future.
The Top 10 Favorite Movie Stars For 2015, According To America
Everyone has their favorite actors, and, often those actors are actual, big-time movie stars. Well, a recent Harris Poll surveyed American adults last year to find out exactly who ranks as the biggest movie star in the U.S.
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Johnny Depp And Tom Hanks Are Circling A South American Crime Thriller, Which Sounds Awesome
Another possibly high profile project is looking to fill its cast with some famous faces. Crime thriller Triple Frontier is circling the man behind everyone’s favorite pirate and an actor known for playing the everyman.
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The 10 Highest Grossing Actors of All-Time
With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens the rankings have changed yet again. Take a look at the top ten highest grossing actors of all time.
Why Disney Yelled At Tom Hanks Over Toy Story 4
Entertainment is a weird business, but it’s a business like any other. Having a valuable stock price is as important, if not more so, than making a great movie. Most of the time these two objectives work together.
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Tom Hanks On Doctor Who? Here's What Peter Capaldi Says
Doctor Who has never been a stranger to guest stars, and the years since the show’s revival in 2005 have been positively full of them. And now Tom Hanks' name has been thrown into the conversation by Peter Capaldi.

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