The Splash Role Tom Hanks Initially Auditioned For
Ron Howard was in Florence, Italy promoting his latest effort, Inferno, when he sat down for a series of targeted questions built around a Fandango-produced "My First Time."
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Why Tom Hanks Keeps Returning To The Dan Brown Series
When I was given the opportunity to speak with Tom Hanks about the Dan Brown series, and the latest chapter Inferno, he explained that these sequels are anything but a given, and it's always a conversation about whether it's worth mounting a sequel to bring Langdon back to the big screen.
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Tom Hanks Has One More Wish For Zoltar In This Amusing Big Spoof
Big is one of Tom Hanks most beloved movies. It turns out that he really liked it too. So much so that he went looking for the fortune telling machine once again to grant him another wish.
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Not Even Tom Hanks Can Get Rogue One Secrets Out Of Felicity Jones
As Jones skillfully deflected my expertly posed question, I learned that her Inferno co-star, Tom Hanks, also tried (and failed) to get Star Wars information out of Jones on a daily basis. Watch their adorable exchange for yourself.
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Of Course Tom Hanks Remembers Every Word To His Rap From Big, Watch The Proof
Tom Hanks remembering every single word to the rap from Big is the greatest thing you'll see all day.
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Watch Tom Hanks Poke Fun Of Sully’s Inflated Ego In Hilarious New SNL Skit
Tom Hanks returned once again donned his Sully mustache to poke some light-hearted fun at the Miracle on the Hudson. Check it out!
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This Rotten Week: Predicting Inferno Reviews
There's only one movie on the docket this week, and it's the return of Tom Hanks in another Robert Landgon/ Dan Brown affair. Forgive me if I don't sound too excited. This week it's just Inferno hitting the box office, and it's gonna be a Rotten Week!
Why Inferno Plays Like A Horror Movie, According To Ron Howard
The Oscar-winning director of A Beautiful Mind, Splash and Apollo 13 dabbles in horror for the first time with stark imagery that serves the story, but also gives Howard the chance to flex his creative muscles.
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Why Tom Hanks And Ron Howard Skipped Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol On The Way to Inferno
I was able to sit down with Tom Hanks in Florence, Italy to discuss Inferno and his work on this fast-moving franchise, and when it comes to The Lost Symbol, here's what he told me.
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Tom Hanks Returning To Host Saturday Night Live
A member of the Five-Timers Club returns the host Saturday Night Live in its 42nd season. Hit the jump to learn when the episode airs.
Why The That Thing You Do! Extended Cut Is So Much Better Than The Original
That Thing You Do! is officially a classic today, as 20 years have come and gone since The Wonders stole our hearts and filled our ears. But you haven't really seen the whole story until you've seen the extended cut of Tom Hanks' movie. Read on to find out why you're missing out, and what you can do about it.
A Big That Thing You Do! Secret Finally Has Been Revealed
After two whole decades, a major That Thing You Do! mystery has finally received a definitive answer from the cast. Get the details!
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Sully Just Soared Passed This Impressive Box Office Milestone
Less than a month after its release, Clint Eastwood's Sully has already achieved a serious box office milestone. Get the details!
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That Thing You Do: The Cast Then And Now
It's almost been 20 years, and we're still lovin' That Thing You Do lots and lots. Catch up with the cast and their careers from before, during, and after the 1996 hit crossed their Wonder-ful paths.
Tom Hanks Ran Into A Random Bride and Groom, And The Pictures Are Wonderful
An engaged couple taking their wedding photos in Central Park this weekend got the greatest surprise of all: Tom Hanks! The actor was passing by and stopped for a few pictures.
Why Tom Hanks Deserves An Oscar Nomination For Sully
Tom Hanks delivered one of his best performances in Clint Eastwood's Sully. A performance so great, it should be heavily considered for Academy Award attention. Read on to see why, and how, Hanks continues to impress with his version of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger.
Tom Hanks May Be Leading Another World War II Movie, Here's What We Know
One of Tom Hanks' most memorable movies continues to be the Steven Spielberg-helmed Saving Private Ryan, but almost two decades later, the actor may be jumping back into a World War II story.
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Tom Hanks And Ellen Bring Woody And Dory's Voices Together, And It's Absolute Pixar Magic
Pixar has some of the best characters around but they never get to interact with each other. Luckily, we've got Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres to make some magic.
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6 Tom Hanks Movies That Feel Like True Stories, But Aren't
Tom Hanks plays real life people in films an awful lot of the time. He does it so often, that quite often we've found ourselves assuming that the movie we were watching was based on a true story.
Why Sully Needs To Be Seen In IMAX
To increase the dread and make these scenes as dramatic as possible, director Clint Eastwood and cinematographer Tom Stern decided to shoot all of Sully using IMAX cameras to increase the size and scope of the film. But does it work? And should you be paying more of your hard earned cash to see Sully in IMAX?

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