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The Most Expensive House For Sale In The U.S. Barely Looks Like A House
If you have hundreds of millions of dollars you want to blow and the inexplicable need for 21 bathrooms and a helipad, then boy do I have the real estate offer for you!
Arby's Has Been Dropping Awesome TV And Movie References On Social Media
Whoever is running the social media accounts for Arby's is clearly just as much of a pop culture geek as we are!
Celebrities Impersonate Other Celebrities In Hilarious Graham Norton Video
In case you were ever wondering whether Tom Hiddleston or Bradley Cooper could do a better Christopher Walken impression, Graham Norton has made the perfect celebrity impression-filled video for you.
Kim Kardashian Brings A Bit Of Glam Back To Her Instagram
Kim Kardashian is officially back to her glamorous lifestyle and showing off her jet-setting adventures to her fans again.
There's A Whole Instagram Dedicated To Nipple Closeups And Yes, It's Weird
A bizarre account is challenging Instagram's gendered nudity clause in an ingenious way.
Male Celebrity Nude Photos Apparently Leaked On Twitter This Week
Remember the infamous celebrity nude photo leaks of 2014? Well, history is repeating itself this week, only this time the target is young male celebrities.
Ryan Lochte Reveals The Sex Of His Baby
Ryan Lochte about to be a dad, and he's spilling the beans on if he's having a boy or a girl.
Lin-Manuel Miranda Plans To Play Hamilton One More Time
Lin-Manuel Miranda just couldn't say no to this. The 'Hamilton' creator is stepping back into his musical's main role for one very special night only.
Watch Scott Eastwood Cliff-Dive In Australia On His Day Off
Scott Eastwood took a big leap this week... and it might wind up getting him in some trouble!
Charlie Sheen Issues Public Apology To Rihanna
Charlie Sheen revealed that his feud with Rihanna was still alive and well after over two years when he dissed her on live TV this week, but now he's hoping to smooth things over with the pop star.
Katherine Heigl And Josh Kelley Have A New Baby Boy
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley's family has a brand-new member. It turns out that Heigl gave birth to the couple's first biological child back in December.
Betty White Turned 95 Today
The iconic Betty White made it through that shit-show of 2016, and now she's celebrating another year.
Two Game Of Thrones Stars Asked For Young Pics Of Themselves And Fans Responded
Winter is coming, and so is a ton of throwback photos.
Young Thug Didn't Show Up For His Music Video, So The Director Made It Without Him
Young Thug's latest release is unlike any other music video you've seen... because Young Thug never even showed up for the shoot. Instead, the director was forced to piece something together from what he had, and the result is pretty wild.
Gene Cernan, The Last Guy To Walk On The Moon, Is Dead At 82
Famed astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon, was pronounced dead at age 82 on Monday.
Billie Lourd And Taylor Lautner Look Adorable On Vacation In Mexico
Things are heating up between Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner... literally! The rumored celebrity couple is soaking up some sun together on a tropical vacation.
The Insane Amount Of Money Mariah Carey And Elton John Got To Play A Wedding
One young newlywed couple just had the best wedding reception ever, and it was pretty amazing for Mariah Carey and Elton John's bank accounts as well!
New Details About Kim Kardashian's Robbery Experience Revealed
A Paris newspaper has finally published the statement Kim Kardashian gave to the police immediately following her robbery, describing what happened to her in detail.
Celine Dion Shares An Adorable Family Photo Of Herself With Her Kids
Celine Dion shared an adorable family photo from her Christmas celebration with her three sons.
Did Kendall Jenner Get Plastic Surgery? Here's What She Says
When Kendall Jenner appeared in a Facebook Live video with fuller looking lips than usual, it got a lot of people talking. Now Jenner is responding to those lip injection rumors.
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