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Spider-man Impersonator Rescues Couple From Burning Car image
Everyday someone does something extraordinary for someone else. Whether it be a stranger or a best friend, acts of kindness go a long way. And sometimes those acts of kindness can save a person's life. Particularly, when Spider-man gets involved.
Catarina Cowden 2015-10-03
Keira Knightley Broadway Debut Disrupted By Screaming Superfan image
Reaching celebrity status can be a dangerous thing. Once an actor has become a popular, thereís no turning back. There will always be fans that take their obsessions a bit too far, and any time a celebrity is seen in person, those fans tend to lose their minds.
Catarina Cowden 2015-10-02
 The Weird Place Kate Winslet Keeps Her Oscar image
After the Academy Awards ceremony is done, and the coveted statuette heads back to the winnerís home, where does it go? Some actors have designated areas for their specialty awards, others arenít fond of seeing it too often, and there are a few who keep it in strange places for very specific reasons. Among those actors is Kate Winslet, who keeps her Best Actress Oscar in a very weird place.
Catarina Cowden 2015-10-01
Watch The Pope Meet A Baby Dressed As The Pope image
Pope Francis has wrapped up his historic trip to the United States, full of kissing babies and inspiring the masses. There were a number of beautiful stories to hit the internet of the Pope being his good olí Pope self, but the one that tops them all, has got to be when the Pope met Baby Pope.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-28
What Stan Lee Thinks Will Happen To The Marvel Industry When He Dies image
Unfortunately, Marvel fans out there have to sooner rather than later come to the realization that Stan Lee, the man, the comic book legend, is getting old. And at some point, we are going to have to say our final goodbyes. So what does Mr. Lee think about that? Well, heís not too worried about it.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-28
Australia Doesn't Want Chris Brown In Their Country, Denies Visa image
R&B/Hip-hop artist Chris Brown has drawn the attention of the media for all the wrong reasons during most of his career. And now, as the artist puts in his visa application to tour in Australia, the country is not complying, denying the U.S. singer on character grounds.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-27
How Eazy-E Really Contracted Aids, According To Former Ruthless Records Rapper image
Since the death of Eazy-E back in 1995, there have been multiple conspiracies surrounding what really caused it. The rapper was diagnosed with AIDS and through complications of the virus, reportedly died. But in the music industry, many believe thereís far more to the story than natural causes. Particularly, Latin rapper Frost, who was signed to Eazy-Eís Ruthless Records back in 1995 has quite the allegations.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-26
Marvel Is Greatly Expanding A Popular X-Men Series image
Spinning out of the miniseries currently part of the Secret Wars event, Marvel has announced a new ongoing series based on this popular iteration of the X-Men.
Adam Holmes 2015-09-25
Former Miss USA Ali Landry's Family Found Dead After Kidnapping image
Former Miss USA and actress Ali Landry has unfortunately lost family after a horrific two weeks. The actressí husband, Mexican film director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde has lost his father and brother after the two were kidnapped roughly two weeks ago from their home, and now have been discovered dead sustaining traumatic brain injuries.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-24
There's More Harry Potter Headed To The Stage Than We Thought image
Harry Potter fans already have plenty to look forward to, between the upcoming feature adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and the anticipated stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child...
Kelly West 2015-09-24
The Disgusting Way Wizards Used To Defecate, According To JK Rowling image
What did wizards do to relieve their bathroom needs before plumbing was a thing? J.K. Rowling answered this question in one of the essays posted to the newly re-launched Harry Potter website. As it turns out, when wizards had to goÖ they just went.
Kelly West 2015-09-22
 Watch Bill Murray Tell A Joke For The Pope image
We canít get enough of Bill Murray these days. It seems like the beloved actor has only become an even more lovable pop culture figure in the past few years, and Iím sure not complaining about it.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-21
Black Book Of Infamous Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss May Be Selling On eBay image
Without naming any names (other than Charlie Sheen who acknowledged being a customer) Heidi Fleiss was clear that her business only attracted A-List clientele. And the proof of it lies in little red Gucci planner which is about to go on sale on eBay.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-20
Stephen Amell Apologizes For Controversial Social Media Comments After Fan's Emotional Video image
After Stephen Amell made a controversial comment about the recent arrest of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, one fan spoke out. Now Amell has come around and responded to his fan's emotional video.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-19
Why Tom Hardy Got So Mad When A Reporter Asked About His Sexuality image
Though some reporters go a bit off topic in press conferences, last week one reporter just completely took a right turn and decided to ask about Tom Hardyís sexuality, to which Hardy looked seriously pissed, and dismissed the reporter. Now the actor is speaking out about why he shut down the off-topic question.
Catarina Cowden 2015-09-18
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