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Kanye West And Drake Are Beefing Again, And Ariana Grande Has Weighed In

Drake "I'm Upset" Music Video

For a moment, Kanye West and Drake appeared to be on good terms again. Sure, they had their fair share of disagreements. They had their difficulties. Who doesn't? But they were (hopefully) looking to patch up their problems and move back into being friends again. But the good tidings were only meant to last so long, evidently, and the disagreements have risen in an ugly fashion.

The whole debacle became a public spectacle on social media, which shouldn't surprise you given Kanye's recent history of using Twitter to make his proclamations known widely. Ariana Grande also weighed in with her thoughts on the matter.

First, here's the latest on what happened between Kanye West and Drake. Earlier in the day, it seemed the celebrities were putting their troubles away and renewing their friendship. But then things took a sharp turn, with Kanye spitting out over 125 tweets claiming that Drake was threatening him and his family, according to a report from People.

Kanye also suggested that if anything were to happen to him, Kim Kardashian West, and their children, Drake would be "the first suspect." From there, Kanye tried to legitimize his accusations about Drake by claiming there was a violent incident in the past involving Drake and Pusha-T. Kim added her voice to the one-sided Twitter beef, backing up her husband, and warning Drake not to threaten their family.

Drake and Kanye West have been at odds with each other since the summer. There were reports that claimed that Drake was mad about Kanye releasing his studio album, ye, around the same time he was planning to release Scorpion. But there were also disagreements to be had over Drake being dissed by Pusha-T in his new album, Daytona, specifically the track "Infrared," which Kanye West produced. Things between Drake and Pusha-T got more heated when they released diss tracks for each other, including Pusha-T's brutal "The Story of Adidon," which made public the claim that Drake had a secret love child that he kept discreet.

While Ariana Grande's tweet didn't mention Kanye West or Drake by name, the pop star made it clear that she was referring to their arguments. She wanted the rap artists to stop their bickering so that she and Miley Cyrus could debut their new songs and give them their due. Here's what Grande wrote on Twitter last night:

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The situation between Drake and Kanye West is still being settled between the musicians, but it's clear that Ariana Grande doesn't want to deal with it. Ariana's new song is called "Imagine," with Miley Cyrus dropping "War Is Over (Happy Xmas)." Cyrus responded to Grande's tweet with her own reference to the Drake/Kanye beef (along with a nod to Ariana's "thank u, next"):

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We hope Kanye and Drake settle their differences sooner-than-later, especially if Kanye is worried about his safety and the safety of his family. Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on the latest developments in film, television, video games, pop culture, and a whole lot more right here at CinemaBlend.

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