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Watch A Real-Life Archer Put Hawkeye's Skills To Shame image
Could Hawkeye really hit all those targets that quickly in The Avengers, while falling off of a building? Well, it turns out no, he definitely couldn’t, but only because the style of archery in Hollywood is all wrong.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-24
Patrick Stewart Really Wants To Work With Jennifer Lawrence, Find Out Why image
With a lengthy resume, and notable connections, Stewart has an opportunity to work with pretty much anyone he pleases. So while promoting his newest film, Match, the beloved actor shared whom he would most like to collaborate with, and the answer was the one and only Jennifer Lawrence.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-23
5 Big Ways Secret Wars Will Completely Change The Marvel Universe image
This summer, Secret Wars will change the Marvel Comics universe forever. Here are the biggest changes we’ll see in the upcoming comic book event.
Adam Holmes 2015-01-21
New, Different Avengers Are Coming This Spring, Check Out Marvel's Mysterious Update image
Fans of the Avengers comics, get ready for a big change for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes this spring. A new lineup is on the way!
Adam Holmes 2015-01-16
Ready Player One Is Getting A Sequel image
Who's ready to return to the OASIS? Fans of Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One already have the feature adaptation to anticipate, and now it sounds like the author isn't finished with the story, as he's reportedly writing a sequel novel.
Kelly West 2015-01-16
Should Restaurant Tipping Be Banned? This Video Makes A Case image
Should tipping be banned? College Humor's Adam Conover makes a case for it in this video, which has him explaining the origins and reasons behind tipping your waiter, and questioning whether or not it's time for the practice to die out...
Kelly West 2015-01-13
Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Hammer Bill Cosby During Golden Globes Monologue image
They promised some uncomfortable Bill Cosby jokes, and sure didn't wait to take a stab. Find out what Amy Poehler and Tina Fey cracked about the prolific comedian at the Golden Globes.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-11
The True Story Of How Pam Anderson And Tommy Lee's Sex Tape Got Out image
The real story behind the leaked Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape has finally hit the surface. And you will never believe how it all went down.
Catarina Cowden 2014-12-29
British Guy Wakes Up From A Coma Convinced He's Matthew McConaughey image
A state of inaction that doesn't end at any set interval, or for any set cause - unless medically induced, comas can even effect the patient for a period after they've woken up. Sometimes these comas can unlock parts of our mind that we haven't used in years.
Mike Reyes 2014-12-22
Where Draco Malfoy Is Now, According To J.K. Rowling image
We've known since we first learned that these "Festive Surprises" were headed to Pottermore that one of the updates would give us some insight into the life of Harry's Hogwarts nemesis Draco Malfoy.
Kelly West 2014-12-22
Michael Jackson Is One Reason J.K. Rowling Left Zombies Out Of The Harry Potter Books image
J.K. Rowling continues to dole out Harry Potter treats to fans at Pottermore. Today's festive surprise came along with an essay focusing on the creepy reanimated corpses that Voldemort enlisted to guard one of his Horcruxes.
Kelly West 2014-12-21
Was Severus Snape Almost A Vampire? Here's What J.K. Rowling Says image
There were a lot of theories circulating when the Harry Potter books were still being published, among which was the idea that Severus Snape was a vampire. J.K. Rowling addressed the subject of vampires in the latest essay to be released at Pottermore today, and she puts to bed any speculation that Snape was -- or was ever going to be -- a vampire.
Kelly West 2014-12-17
J.K. Rowling Feels Guilty For Killing Off This Harry Potter Character image
J.K. Rowling recently admitted that she feels particularly guilty for killing off one of the characters in her beloved Harry Potter series. If you were thinking it might be Sirius Black, or one of the other notable characters who died in the series, you guessed wrong.
Kelly West 2014-12-15
Watch Samuel L Jackson Challenge Celebrities To Sing For A Powerful Cause image
Samuel L Jackson posted a video on his Facebook page urging all the celebrities that participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to now sing a song inspired by Eric Garner and call out the violence of racist police.
Catarina Cowden 2014-12-14
J.K. Rowling Just Brewed Up Another Riddle And New Writings For Harry Potter Fans image
Ok, Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts is most certainly back in session at Pottermore Take a look at today's rhyming riddle, and see if you know the answer...
Kelly West 2014-12-14
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