Alyssa Milano's Baby Learned To Talk At Four Months

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Most parents love to brag about their babies, but there is a definite difference between a cute baby and a badass child willing and capable of trying new things at an early age. Luckily, actress Alyssa Milanoís young child was definitely more of a wonder baby than a flop. Her now 18-month-old baby was a quick starter at a young age, chatting up a storm and learning to crawl rather quickly, and the 40-year-old mother loves to chat about his successes.

The actress recently spoke with US Weekly at a pre-Grammys party about her son Miloís achievements, and while the walking thing is about average, the new mother has every reason to brag about the other stuff.
ď[He] started talking at four months, he started crawling at five months, and he started walking at 12 months! He thinks he's 12 years old!"

While Milano should be pretty busy over the next several months, with a brand new ABC drama, Mistresses, set for TV soon, she and husband David Bugliari would definitely consider having a second child. Though the couple has a busy schedule and are not actively trying for a second child at this time, they would be perfectly happy if the opportunity for a second baby came up. If they do decide to have a second child, that baby is going to have a lot to live up to. Though, even if the baby isnít talking in four months, Iím sure the new babyís parents will find other reasons to fall in love with a new addition in the family.
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