Ben and Jerry’s often looks to pop culture for flavor inspiration. Personal favorites include Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream and Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack ice cream, but fans of Saturday Night Live should be getting their own chunky and delicious flavors quite soon. Earlier this month, Ben and Jerry’s announced that a slew of SNL-based icecream flavors would be on their way soon. More recently, the prolific ice cream producer gave us some hints about a couple of the newest SNL-based flavors.

As it turns out, Ben and Jerry’s is planning a series of ice creams based on popular SNL characters and sketches. The first is Lazy Sunday, a flavor made of vanilla cake batter ice cream and named after the famous sketch from Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell that later even spawned a sequel. To add a little flair, chocolate and vanilla cake pieces will be added, along with a chocolate frosting swirl. That frosting swirl might not be quite as exciting as the gooey cores in the brand’s new “core” line, but it still sounds pretty tasty.

Along with the sketch-inspired flavor, the first amusing individual to get an ice cream named after her is Gilly, a character put together by comedian Kristen Wiig. She’s a schoolgirl with a mischievous side, and in the world of ice cream, she’ll be chocolate and sweet cream with caramely clusters and fudge-covered almonds and a marshmallow swirl. That’s a strange ice cream, but I wouldn’t expect less for Gilly. Earlier, Ben and Jerry’s even made a big to-do about promoting the SNL flavor via Twitter.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to hop down to your local grocery store to buy a pint, you aren’t in luck, yet. The flavors are currently available live in stores only, although Ben and Jerry’s has a great site function that lets you know the nearest locations for these yummy scoops. With the catastrophe that was Schweddy Balls still fresh on my mind, here’s hoping that the newest flavors will have a longer shelf life.

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