Celebrity gossip fans and Whitney Houston supporters may collectively still be a little uncomfortable with the idea of Nippy’s daughter dating Nick Gordon on account of them kinda sorta being raised as brother and sister, but Bobbi Kristina Brown herself is as on board with the decision as ever. In fact, she and Gordon recently decided to put some legal bells on their relationship by taking the biggest step toward serious town possible. No, they didn’t have a kid. So, I guess they took the second biggest step toward serious town possible. They got married.

Exactly when and where the union happened aren’t exactly clear. According to E! Online, Brown made an off-handed reference to her hubby back in November and then today, she tweeted this snazzy picture of some rings embedded below…

In case if you’re not sold on that ring picture, the couple’s publicist officially confirmed the secret wedding in a more conventional statement to various outlets. Unfortunately, exactly zero details were given as part of that confirmation; so, fans are left to guess exactly how long these two have officially been husband and wife. For their sake, I hope it’s quite awhile. After all, couples who can get through their first few months drama free are more likely to stay together, according to common sense assumptions I’m willing to make.

Contrary to what Bobbi and Nick would have you believe, this relationship is weird. Dating someone who moved into your house before you both hit puberty is weird whether your mother formally adopted him or not, but odd doesn’t necessarily equate with foolish or wrong or stupid. In fact, following Whitney’s tragic death, Gordon was supposedly the one who really helped the grieving daughter get over some of her issues. So, at least in some ways, he’s exactly the man she needs.

You know that moment at trainwreck weddings in which you secretly hope either the bride or the groom doesn’t say “I Do” and instead walks out? Well, that moment is gone. These two walked down the aisle; so, now, the best thing to do is to be supportive and hope for the very best. So, in keeping with that, Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to the happy couple. Here’s to hoping they stay together for the rest of their lives.




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