Daft Punk Album Streaming For Free On iTunes

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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After months of teasing the U.S. release of Daft Punkís newest album, Random Access Memories, the band has finally unveiled the prized offering. On Monday, Random Access Memories became available to U.S. audiences via iTunes, where the album can be heard in full. If you are just looking for a listen, iTunes is a good place to look, but if you are holding out to actually purchase the album, youíll be able to do so beginning on the albumís previously announced release date, May 21.

The album offers more than an hour of sumptuous and fun electronic music, including the brand new single off of Random Access Memories, called ďGet Lucky,Ē which has already broken Spotify records and climbed up the charts. Thereís no reason to believe the album wonít follow the same trajectory, but until then, fans can give the album an early listen and decide whether or not it is worth an eventual purchase. Iím actually a little surprised that iTunes got the early listen win over NPRís popular ďFirst ListenĒ segment, but as long as the album is available to listen to, Iím a pretty happy camper.

MTV reported the news Monday afternoon, also noting the epic marketing the group has done via a spot on SNL and a teaser during this yearís Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Itís no wonder the marketing has been effective. Random Access Memoriesí release is the bandís first full length release since 2005 brought fans Human After All. Since then, the band has also been busy producing the live album Alive 2007, as well as the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.
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