A lot has changed for Gabby Douglas since the young gymnast won the women’s all-around competition just a few days ago, becoming the African-American ever to do so. Tonight, she is set to grace the stage of The Tonight Show, joining Jay Leno and First Lady Michelle Obama as they discuss everything from the young star's Olympic medals to her penchant for fast food after big gymnastics events.

The very first indulgence Douglas turned to after winning two Olympic medals (the other was for the U.S. Women's team win) was an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s. While it is not uncommon to hear models and other celebrities on strict diets will often ‘cheat’ with fast food every now and again, eating unhealthy food goes against the First Lady's biggest platforms in the White House. It was no surprise when the First Lady jokingly chided the star for setting back some of her healthy eating efforts, stating she was sure the meal was on a “whole wheat bun.”

During the current President’s tenure in office, Mrs. Obama has created “Let’s Move,” an initiative aimed at combating childhood obesity and teaching the populace how to eat healthier as a whole. Of course, she probably has nothing to worry about with Douglas, an athlete who has spent a lifetime attaining more muscle mass than fat. Now that the gymnast has achieved her ultimate goals, Leno asked the 16-year-old if things have been any different after her medal wins.
“I think it’s very different, and when I mean ‘different’ it’s in a better way. I mean, I never thought I would be doing the show with the first lady, or even you, Jay.”

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