Over the past week, John Travola’s lawyer Marty Singer has systematically punched holes in each one of the John Doe’s cases. First, he proved his client wasn’t even in Los Angeles on the day he supposedly sexually harassed John Doe #1. Then later, he produced a resignation email from John Doe #2 sent shortly after the incident in which the plaintiff never even brought up the Pulp Fiction star or any traumatizing encounter with anyone else. Yesterday, John Doe #1 elected to drop his attorney Okorie Okorocha and hire the famous Gloria Allred. Now John Doe #2 has elected to do the same.

According to E! Online, Allred officially confirmed she’ll be handling the matter from this point forward in a statement released earlier today. As such, she’s had the initial lawsuit dismissed without prejudice and will apparently file it against with a different court in the coming days. Exactly where that might be is anyone’s guess, but one would imagine the newest motion would offer a different date for John Doe #1.

It’s hard to gauge who might end up winning the case in the long run, but with Allred on board, it’s safe to assume the matter will turn into a slugfest at some point. Neither she nor Singer is used to losing cases, and with plenty of resources at their disposals, I would expect a very long trial. It seems absurd to think Travolta will cave, and barring a change of heart from her clients, Allred certainly won’t back down.

Get out your popcorn.



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