Earlier this week in Beaverton, Oregon, an eighteen-year-old boy walked into a flower shop and began talking to an employee about how he needed help. A few minutes later, he stumbled into City Hall and started wandering around aimlessly, asking strangers for support. When police officers approached him, however, he rapidly switched courses and flew into attack mode, somehow grabbing one of the officer’s guns and firing it against the wall before he was hit with a stun gun seven times and still continued to struggle. Later, he even ripped the handcuffs off himself like an amateur Houdini blessed with bear strength.

You can go ahead and watch footage of the incident below. While it’s playing, try and guess what substance he was reportedly under the influence of…


Alright. Time is up. Let’s try to reason this out. Alcohol might make people irrationally confident in their dancing skills and in more serious cases, help inspire them to fly into drunken rages, but this dude was hit with a stun gun seven times and didn’t fall down. That can’t be booze. Marijuana should also be ruled out immediately because while this dude does exhibit paranoia symptoms, people don’t typically smoke pot and then look to fight anyone, except maybe for a good couch seat.

No, we need something stronger. Heroin destroys too much coordination. The highs of cocaine really don’t last long enough to be venturing different places. Meth usage is on the rise, but I still don’t think users would intentionally seek out cops. No, based on all the facts, I would have to go with LSD or PCP.

Unfortunately, that’s apparently incorrect. The real drug in question here is mushrooms. Yes, the all-natural goofiness that inspired this…

is apparently the same poison that somehow caused eighteen-year-old Jared Leone to summon superstrength and break handcuffs. According to KPTV, Leone later told officers he was hallucinating and convinced the police officers were terrorists in clever disguises. That’s apparently why he attacked after asking for help, and that’s why he grabbed the gun and fired it against the wall. Thankfully, no one involved was hurt, which means this bad ‘shrooms trip won’t send this kid to jail for the rest of his life.

That being said, drugs involved or not, Leone definitely will be looking at some serious repercussions for his actions, once cops figure out exactly what to charge him with. Here’s to hoping the right balance of punishment and help is found.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Africa Studio



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