Jason Sudeikis And Olivia Wilde Are Getting Married

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Tron actress Olivia Wilde and Saturday Night Liveís Jason Sudeikis are officially engaged. Apparently, 37-year-old Sudeikis popped the question to 28-year-old Wilde just a few days after the holiday break. She said yes, and the two have managed to keep the engagement a secret over the past few days, although that secret is out of the bag, now.

In mid-December, rumors abounded stating the couple, who have been together since November of 2011, were both engaged and planning a wedding together in Kansas City, where Sudeikis hails from. At the time, Wilde irately denied anything of the sort had occurred. Now, People has the scoop on the coupleís engagement, and this time, itís official. Whether or not the two decide to get married in Kansas City is still up in the air, however. It's amazing what can change in just a few short weeks.

While Sudeikis and Wilde have been dating for a reasonable amount of time before getting engaged, and while theyíve been cohabitating for a while, itís no surprise the two would take their time and consider the angles before wanting to go public with the engagement. After all, both members of the couple were both previously married. In fact, Sudeikis was only divorced roughly two years ago and Wildeís divorce was finalized around a year ago. While the couple havenít been dating for years and years, itís nice to see that the two seem to be taking their time and not rushing into anything too quickly. That being said, weíll keep you posted when Sudeikis and Wilde set a wedding date.
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