As little kids, we all go to the zoo and learn about the same couple of dozen animals. From lions to bears to snakes to hippos, we all seem to gravitate toward the same ones, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of other animals out there who could be just as loved with a little more exposure.

Take, for example, babirusas. These creatures look like a combination between hippos and warthogs, and they grow large tusks directly out of their faces. In fact, if the males don’t actively work on filing down the outgrowths on a routine basis, they will eventually plunge into their own skulls and kill them. Considering we know this hot fact, that means at least one babirusa has failed to be proactive enough about the filing, which is all kinds of horrifying.

The above animal is just one of twenty-three in Mental Floss’ newest video , fittingly entitled 23 Unusual Animals. In place of ordinary host John Green, The Brain Scoop head lady Emily Graslie walks us through the content. She works at the Field Museum in Chicago, which is a great thing because it allows all involved to film with real examples of the animals.

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