Too bad you can’t bet on what celebrities might start dating next because anyone who saw Jason Segel and Michelle Williams coming deserves to be on a shopping spree. Rumors of the new couple began popping up this week, and not surprisingly, the whispers were followed by a whole lot of this’ll-never-last commentaries. I’ll admit I was floored by the news too, but apparently, the relationship might have more staying power than most initially thought.

According to US Weekly, the couple met years ago through his Freaks And Geeks co-star Busy Philipps, and over the past few months, the relationship has gotten “serious”. Sources say each offers something the other doesn’t have, ultimately meshing together nicely.

Considering how vastly different of career trajectories they’ve each taken thus far, there’s really three different ways this could go. They could push each other toward taking new and exciting projects outside their comfort zones to great success, they could do the same to great failure or they could only affect one another’s personal lives. Regardless of what happens, I just hope Segel doesn’t lose his trademark optimism and Williams doesn’t lose her cravings for complicated and gritty characters.

Pop Blend wishes Segel and Williams nothing but the best for their future. As hot commodities, both no doubt had their choice between many suitors. Hopefully what they saw in each other proves lasting and every bit as special as they first thought.



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