NBA Reportedly Considering Nicknames On The Back Of Jerseys

By Mack Rawden 2013-09-24 08:41:05
Over the years, numerous colleges have debated about whether or not to put the last name of players on the backs of jerseys. Some schools do it. Some do not. That’s not an issue in the NBA, but in the coming years, exactly what to put on the back of the jersey might be. Rumors are swirling that the league may let players rock nicknames at least once this season, which would no doubt be the single most polarizing decision since David Stern said no to the Chris Paul to the Lakers trade.

According to ESPN, the so-called jersey game will likely occur between the Heat and the Nets. Players have been asked to submit their nicknames for approval, which is a good thing because Shane Battier’s “Batman” has already been given the big ugly axe by the legal department for obvious copyright reasons. Fortunately for LeBron James, his King James choice seems to have been given the thumbs up, as have Ray Allen’s Shuttlesworth, Paul Pierce’s The Truth and Kevin Garnett’s Big Ticket.

Over the past few years, the NBA has been anything but content with its jerseys. For various games, the league has slapped “Los” in front of team names as a shout-out to the Latin American community, and this year, some teams will start experimenting with sleeves on their uniforms. The latter idea should help jersey sales grow exponentially, but as for whether this nickname idea would do the same thing, no one seems to have any idea.

I’m a very traditional person. I like how timeless and simple the last name on the back of the jersey is, but if teams were to roll out nicknames once or twice a season for non-playoff games, I really would not have a huge problem with that. I’m not saying I like it, but it doesn’t personally offend me. We’ll keep you updated.
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