Just a few days after performing the big hit and sing-a-long favorite “Sweet Caroline” at the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park, Neil Diamond has come up with a better way to help Bostonians in their time of need. The singer has been busy planning new material in recent weeks and on Monday, he announced he has been moved to write a song related to the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Diamond apparently likes to get pretty expansive when talking about social topics and after announcing the upcoming track, the singer and songwriter told Rolling Stone the track will sort of a be a combo track encompassing a lot of tragedies the country has faced recently. Diamond calls recent events, including the Boston Marathon bombings, the Aurora movie theater shootings, and the Newtown, Connecticut school tragedy “an infestation,” and he wants to create a meaningful song so that people don't forget the events.

Fans may be getting the song sooner rather than later, as well. Late last week, Diamond had already pretty well gotten the song together.
"I spent the whole day recording it and I will spend tomorrow recording it. With a little bit of help from the man upstairs, I'll have it finished by the weekend."

Something tells me that the Red Sox won’t be substituting the new track for “Sweet Caroline” during games anytime soon. Still, it’s nice to see Diamond passionate about new material. Other than a more recent Christmas album, the last time the dude produced new music was in 2008, when he put out Home Before Dark. We’ll let you know when Diamond officially announces the new track, as well as any other new music.



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