Earlier this week, beloved writer and director Nora Ephron passed on. She’ll be most remembered for her way with words and all the smiles her films brought to lonely faces, but an underrated facet to her success was always music. She loved to fill her efforts with delightful pop songs that really heightened the chemistry of her stars and the emotion the audience felt.

Given the popularity of the Sleepless In Seattle soundtrack, it was only fitting to pick one of its offerings for this week’s One Track Sunday. The only question was which of the many classics to choose. From Louis Armstrong’s “A Kiss To Build a Dream On” to Gene Autry’s “Back In The Saddle Again”, each of the twelve songs is capable of setting the mood, but for me, nothing tops the classy elegance of Harry Connick Jr’s “A Wink and a Smile”.

Here’s the lovely track along with some of the more memorable scenes from Sleepless In Seattle

We’ll miss you, Nora. You were a true original and an absolute master at making us believe in happy endings.



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