Police Called To Jackson Family Home

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Earlier today, police were called to the home of MJís mother Katherine Jackson to investigate an alleged assault. Several members of the family were reportedly interviewed, but no arrests were made. Ordinarily, this would be somewhat of a throwaway story, but given all thatís happened in the past week, itís just another sign of how far Michael Jacksonís family has gone over the edge since his death.

The latest round of family-on-family accusations began with a letter. The leaked document accused MJís estate executors of defrauding everyone out of money and challenged the validity of the deceased pop starís will. A few days later, Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson had their cousin file a missing persons report, claiming their grandmother and legal guardian Katherine Jackson was missing. Authorities later determined she was safe and sound in Arizona, allegedly recuperating from stress sheíd been under.

How does a miscommunication like that happen? Well, apparently, Katherine has never gone more than a day without speaking to at least one of the children; so, when the kids didnít hear from her, they called and were told she couldnít come to the phone. This process apparently repeated itself over-and-over again until Paris, clearly already suspicious of her aunts and uncles, went to the police.

According to TMZ, cops are also apparently looking into a claim that Katherine has been mistreated and financially abused by some of her family members. The investigation is ongoing and started in April. She and the children were the only ones who benefited from Michael's will.

Weíll keep you updated as more details start to emerge.
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