The Beverly Hills Police Department sent numerous officers to Simon Cowell’s residence on Sunday to free the X Factor judge from an intruder who had bound and gagged him. Unfortunately or fortunately, not long after arriving at the scene, police spotted Simon hanging out without any bandages or signs of a struggle. The entire phone call was just one elaborate hoax, the latest in a series of Los Angeles area pranks designed to generate a massive response to a celebrity’s home.

According to TMZ, the practice of tricking the police into responding with overwhelming force is called “swatting”, and in the past few months, Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber have all been victimized by the foolish, sophomoric prank. It’s already cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, and sadly, the authorities don’t seem to be close to catching whoever may be perpetrating the hoaxes, if it’s even one person. It’s entirely possible these calls could have been made by different people.

I get why from a certain perspective these swatting incidents might be amusing to someone, but if they keep happening, not only will they take money out of all of our wallets, they’ll decrease the likelihood of the police actually responding at full capacity to the real incidents in which they’re actually needed.

Little is known about the caller save from the fact that she was a female. The investigation is currently ongoing, and police are running down all available leads.



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