When Randy Travis emerged from jail yesterday wearing blue scrubs, a Texas Longhorns hat and a shiner over his eye following his naked DWI arrest, most fans wanted to know whether the shiner was from the car accident or some prior misadventure. I, on the other hand, wanted to know who the hell gave him clothes and whether he was wearing the hat when he first got arrested. Thankfully, we now have answers to both questions.

According to TMZ, the hat was provided by Gary Corley, a local attorney (and big fan) who offered Travis his services after the arrest went public. He passed along his own hat so the singer could hide his face upon leaving, which is a nice gesture, but definitely not as nice as one from another fan who actually posted Randy’s bond and arranged transportation for the star. Combined with the jailhouse clothes, it was enough to get Travis on his way. Being famous might lead to increased exposure and embarrassment following an arrest, but fan willingness to help out is definitely a big pro.

There’s no word yet on whether Travis will take Corley up on his offer for legal services, but since he might be looking at real jail time related from the DWI incident that also included a charge related to resisting arrest, he should probably look around and shell out for the best lawyer he can, which may or may not be this random fan.



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