Robert DeNiro Opens Up About His Gay Father

By Mack Rawden 2014-05-28 13:36:54
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Despite being famous for more than forty years, Academy Award winner Robert DeNiro has never been particularly open about his personal life. He hasnít been a weirdo recluse either, but as huge celebrities go, we donít know a whole lot about him. For example: his father, Robert DeNiro Sr, was apparently a gay artist.

DeNiroís father never hid who he was or who he loved, but the actor hasnít really talked extensively about his old man on the record. That changed during an interview with Out Magazine this week in which the legendary tough guy opened up and talked extensively about his fatherís genius and his internal conflict over his profession and sexual orientation.
ĒI was not aware, much, of it. I wish we had spoken about it much more. My mother didnít want to talk about things in general, and youíre not interested when youíre a certain age. Again, for my kids, I want them to stop and take a moment and realize that you sometimes have to do things now instead of later, because later may be 20 years from now ó and thatís too late.Ē

Itíll change moving forward too because Robert DeNiro has commissioned a documentary about his father entitled Remembering The Artist. It will tackle his fatherís work, the strange but loving relationship the two men shared and more about his life. You can check out the trailer belowÖ

Remembering The Artist will air on HBO on Monday, June 9th. With the always magnetic Robert DeNiro on camera and acclaimed editor Thelma Schoonmaker involved, it should be an incredible watch.
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