The cruise ship employee who claimed John Travolta sexually harassed him just dropped the charges against the actor. That’s either a major victory for the Grease star in the war to clear his name or just the latest example of accusations mysteriously vanishing in what could amount to a payoff scheme. Unfortunately, the specifics of the dismissal haven’t been made public; so, it’s really up to the observer to decide where the truth lies.

The alleged incident between Travolta and Zanzi allegedly occurred all the way back in 2009. The cruise ship worker reported to the actor’s room and something uncomfortable happened. At the time, Zanzi filed a report and told his bosses Travolta asked him to try and get a crick out of his neck, but years later, he filed a lawsuit and claimed Travolta actually exposed his penis and then gave him an uncomfortable man hug.

According to TMZ, the dismissal came just two days after a judge took arbitration off the table, meaning the two parties would need to progress to a normal trial if they wanted to use the legal system. At the time, it was considered a blow to Travolta since a public trial would have been a media circus, but whether or not that pushed him to settle is unclear. Further, it's not even clear whether a settlement would amount to an admission of guilt or merely a desire not to deal with the allegations anymore.

Here’s to hoping this is the last time we hear Travolta’s name in the midst of an uncomfortable scandal.



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