New Zealand is stunningly beautiful. With all due respect to the acting and the story and the directing, if you took only one thing away from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, it should have been the visual brilliance of New Zealand. If that’s not where God vacations, I would be shocked.

Luckily, Peter Jackson doesn’t have a monopoly on depicting New Zealand. Earlier this week, a pilot decided to upload some sweet footage to the YouTube channel The Willy Balls of an approach into Queenstown, and naturally, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It’s shot from a first person angle in the cockpit, and it depicts the plane cutting through the clouds in between protruding mountains, eventually touching down on a runway that begins immediately after a beautiful river flowing in between the peaks. In short, it looks like two Thomas Kinkade paintings had a baby, and I want to visit there immediately.

That being said, one far less exciting aspect of this video is it makes me realize how terrible I would be if the pilot ever had a heart attack and I had to step up and fly the plane. Veering between these clouds and mountains looks like a terrifying experience, and as competent as I would like to think of myself as being, there’s no way in hell I could ever be able to do it, even if someone was talking me through it Airplane! style.

To get more info on traveling to New Zealand, you can check out the lengthy video below, put together by 601 Productions



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