Vince Vaughn is a great level of famous. He’s got enough power to topline hilarious movies; yet, the general public doesn’t obsess over the details of his personal life. In fact, I bet most people haven’t the slightest idea his beautiful wife’s name is Kyla, and she works as a real estate agent. Together, they’re allowed to just be outside of his work life, which is a really good thing right now because they are about to add another member to their family.

The actor let the general public in on the exciting news during a recent appearance on Ellen, and while details are extremely sparse at this point, we do have a rough timeline. Apparently, Kyla is due sometime in August, which would put her roughly five months or so along. Two years ago, Kyla gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Locklyn. There’s no word yet on the sex of this child, but either way, the pair seem stoked to be adding another member to the clan.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Vince and Kyla. By all accounts, they’re very committed, family first people. They rarely make any headlines for personal life problems, and they seem genuinely devoted to raising Locklyn right. The upcoming addition should only bring everyone closer together.

You can take a look at video of the actual announcement on Ellen in the short video clip that has been embedded below…



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