Was Bobby Brown Storming Out Of Whitney's Funeral Poor Form?

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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By now, youíve probably heard Bobby Brown stormed out of Whitney Houstonís funeral barely twenty minutes into the service. His actions have been widely ridiculed by various outlets since word first leaked out, but a closer examination of the facts reveals the situation to be a bit more complicated than a simple attention-grabbing impulse.

For nearly the entire week leading up to the ceremony, the Houston family reportedly went back-and-forth on whether to even invite Whitneyís ex-husband to the ceremony. He was reportedly the one who introduced her to drugs, and because of that, itís rumored many family members still harbor a grudge against him. Weíll likely never know the specifics of how the Houston family feels, but regardless, it is clear thereís been bad blood for awhile, much of which still lingers. Despite that negativity, the organizers decided to take the high road and extended an olive branch.

Itís unclear whether Brown thought heíd be seated next to his and Whitneyís daughter Bobbi, but the singer was placed well behind the family. According to a statement he released after the funeral, he was asked to move on three separate occasions and forbidden from offering condolences to his child. He, perhaps naturally, took the seating chart as a bit of a slap in the face, and rather than cause a scene, he decided it would be better if he just left.

Itís completely fair to question whether Bobby should have simply sucked it up and stayed to honor his ex-wife, a woman he loved very much. That being said, itís also completely fair to point the finger at Houstonís family members who made it very clear he wasnít wanted. Thereís blame to assign all around.

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Was It Poor Form For Him To Leave The Funeral Early?


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