Watch This Compilation Of News Broadcast F-Bombs

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Between the four major networks and the number of large cities in the United States offering local coverage, there are hundreds of news broadcasts that go out every night. The majority of them are broadcast live, and consequently, a crazy number of hilarious mistakes get made throughout the year. Now and again, the biggest foul-ups are compiled together into some kind of fail montage.

The following video is just another example of that, though itís a bit more specific than usual. This footage only contains clips of the word ďfuckĒ mistakenly getting broadcast on the air. Take a look at the mix-up hilarity belowÖ

I wish this video was a bit longer and gave the clips a few seconds to breath in order to get the shocked reactions from the other anchors, but still, itís hard to complain about an f-bomb compilation. I especially like the one where the pissed off guy tells the anchor heís on private property before dropping one of the most thought out and mean-spirited f-bombs Iíve ever seen.

Itís at this point in the story where Iíd ordinarily wish local news anchors the best of luck in not dropping any f-bombs this year, but given the sheer number of broadcasts and the random nature of live television, I know the swear words will come out. Itís just a question of who will fuck up and say them.
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