Watch This Dude Pound An Entire Bottle Of Water In Less Than A Second

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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High School is a number of things, but consistently thrilling is definitely not one of them. Consequently, teenagers are forced to come up with elaborate ways to amuse themselves. Most go with passing notes, playing calculator or gossiping. The kid apparently goes with pounding bottles of water as quickly as possible.

Prompted by his neighbor who just so happened to have a bottle of water on hand, the unidentified dude, who looks an awful lot like a football player, covertly takes the bottled water up to his mouth in the middle of class and crushes it, forcing all of the liquid into his mouth at once. Its simultaneously horrifying and awesome. Take a look at the madness below

I love the girl off-camera who drops an, Oh my God at the end of the video. Can you imagine sitting in a math class and turning around to see some guy drinking a bottle of water like this? That would shock the hell out of anyone.

With more than four hundred thousand views, Im pretty sure this kids covert exploits have been discovered by the teacher. Luckily, since drinking a bottle of water quickly isnt exactly a suspendable offense, something tells me hes doing fine.
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