One Direction singer Harry Styles is ordinarily pretty good at rolling with the punches. From articles about his late night shenanigans to unexpected left hooks from ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, he’s a man that doesn’t let much get him down. Unfortunately, he’s still a man, which means there are some things he can’t handle…like a shoe to the groin.

Styles was on stage with his bandmates playing a concert the other night when someone heaved a shoe on stage. Rather than ignore it, good old Harry picked it up and a few seconds later, he was promptly struck in the groin by the other one. You can take a look at the hilarious footage below…

Styles should have known to keep his guard up over possible hooliganism in Glasgow. Unfortunately for him, he took his eye off the crowd momentarily and his balls wound up paying for it. Something tells me he won’t make that same mistake again. The next time a shoe comes out, he’ll no doubt dart his eyes back and forth like a nervous assassin.

Not surprisingly, the Internet can’t get enough of this footage. It’s been racing between both One Direction supporters and One Direction haters, both of which are amused by poor Harry’s less than triumphant moment on stage.



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