Watch This Little Chinese Kid Expertly Drive Construction Equipment

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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I had a lot of talents as a little kid. I was really good at setting up dominos in intricate patterns. I was always in a very good mood, and I was pretty damn awesome at tennis compared to my classmates. Fortunately or unfortunately, I could not operate a front loader. This kid, however, can.

Back in October, a Chinese father uploaded a video of his son driving some gigantic construction equipment like it was his job. For awhile, the footage was largely ignored, but over the past week or so, it finally went viral, probably because nothing about it needs any translation. Take a look at this little kidís brilliance belowÖ

I have no idea why this father felt it was imperative to teach his child how to operate a front loader, but let the record show heís an awesome teacher. Itís one thing to get behind the wheel of one of these machines and not die, but this little dude takes it a full step further. He actually works and works pretty quickly moving stuff around. Iím sure heís not as good as the average adult who does it for a living, but five years from now, it would be a real surprise if he wasnít.
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