Watch This Little Girl Ball Her Eyes Out After Halloween Prank

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Most middle-aged and older people like Halloween because they enjoy seeing all of the little kidsí costumes, but a small minority of the same demographic enjoys the holiday for a decidedly different reason. They love tricking out their house to scare children. Luckily, this passion is largely harmless because it takes an act of God to completely ruin Halloween for a six-year-old.

If you donít believe me, check out this video. A dude rigged a giant spider on his porch to fall whenever a sensor is tripped. A little girl dressed up as a princess was the eveningís first victim, and she balled her eyes out before regrouping in time to get candy. You can take a look at the footage belowÖ

This little girlís mother couldnít have handled the situation any better. She walked the line perfectly between consoling her daughter and nicely telling her to get her shit together and enjoy Halloween. Itís very expertly handled, and she should be proud of her efforts, especially maintaining composure enough to tell the kids to thank the dude who just scared the hell out of them.

Iím definitely not one of those people who likes using my house as a scare fortress, but Iím sort of glad there are people out there who do. It isnít really Halloween without one or two good-natured screams.
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