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How The Superman Comics Just Paid Tribute To The Christopher Reeve Movie

One of the new Superman comics issues just paid tribute to Christopher Reeves' first outing as the Man of Steel in a cool way.

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See Henry Cavill In Christopher Reeve's Iconic Superman Suit

While Henry Cavill is the modern movie Superman, for an entire generation there will never be anybody better in the role than Christopher Reeve. So what's better than seeing the two characters combined into one.

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7 Big Questions We Still Have About Justice League After The New Trailer

After watching the new Justice League trailer several times over, there are seven key questions that we've been thinking about.

How Justice League Might Bring Superman Back

The Justice League trailer may have provided a subtle hint as to how Superman is going to come back to fight alongside the other DC heroes.

Henry Cavill Is Getting In Shape For Green Lantern, Let The Speculation Begin

The DC Extended Universe is headed full steam for Justice League. However, one member of that team has been conspicuously absent. Now, another DC hero seems to be hinting that could change.

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Man Of Steel 2 May Have Found Its Director

One of the many DCEU projects in development right now is Man of Steel 2, and Warner Bros already has a top choice to direct the next Superman solo adventure.

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Supergirl May Be Introducing A Crazy Superman Villain

Did Supergirl just tease the eventual debut of a major Superman villain? Here's what we know.

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30 Best Superhero Movies, Ranked

With so many superhero movie entries, both live action and animated, there's more than enough to determine which are the greatest of the bunch. With that in mind, Cinema Blend has put together its definitive list of the 30 best superhero movies ever made.

Supergirl First Look At Classic Superman Villain Mr. Mxyzptlk Is As Weird As We Hoped

Supergirl finally brought out Mr. Mxyzptlk for audiences to see, and he's going to be just as weird and wacky as all of his other incarnations. Check it out!

How Big Superman's Role In Justice League Will Be, According To Zack Snyder

Director Zack Snyder has provided a little more information on how big Superman's role in Justice League will be. Get the details ahead!

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The Christopher Reeve Superman And Michael Keaton Batman Costumes Are Being Auctioned

Are you a major superhero nerd? Do you have thousands upon thousands of dollars that are burning holes in what must be extremely gigantic pockets? Well, today is your day, my friend.

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Could Superman Return To The CW? Here's What Greg Berlanti Says

Supergirl delighted many fans when it introduced the Man of Steel himself in Season 2. Now, executive producer Greg Berlanti has weighed in on whether we could expect to see him back soon.

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The 5 Best DC And Marvel Easter Eggs In The Doctor Who Christmas Special

As to be expected from a superhero inspired romp, the Doctor Who Christmas special has quite a few references to both Marvel and DC properties. Check them out!

The Batman v Superman VFX Reel Shows Incredible Details On The Film’s Best Effects

The reality is that VFX artists and the advances in the craft are the reasons why superhero movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can exist and be so popular today: because filmmakers truly have the ability to make the impossible possible.

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What Batman and Superman’s Relationship In Justice League Will Be Like, According To Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill seems to think that there's going to be some friction between Batman and Superman during the events of Justice League. Here's what he had to say.

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Supergirl Just Added One Of Superman’s Oldest Villains

One of the advantages of Supergirl airing on TV is being able to delve into the mythology surrounding her famous cousin. That include villains, and we can add yet another Superman baddie to the lineup.

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How Kevin Smith Would Like To See His Superman Movie Live On

Kevin Smith's script, titled Superman Lives, was never made into a movie due to various complications, but he recently suggested that it might be worth bringing back in this form.

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Wonder Woman Has An Awesome Nod To Christopher Reeve's Superman In The Trailer

It seems that the Wonder Woman trailer features an awesome reference to Christopher Reeve that we all definitely missed. Check it out!

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The Famous Superhero Who Inspired The Doctor Who Christmas Special

Doctor Who will hit TVs for the only time in 2016 for the annual Christmas special, which will pair the Time Lord with a superhero. Here's what inspired Steven Moffat to pen the powered-up episode.

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Batman v Superman With Christian Bale And Brandon Routh Looks Incredible

A new fan trailer shows a version of Batman V Superman with Christian Bale and Brandon Routh in the title roles, and it's absolutely awesome. Check it out!

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