11 TV Shows In Danger Of Being Cancelled image
Traditional cable and network TV outlets still very much rely on ratings to nab advertising dollars. So, we’ve decided to take a look at what shows are already faltering in those ratings this fall, looking only at programs that very well could be cancelled by the end of the season.
Jessica Rawden 2015-10-07
Why Rick Still Has Both His Hands On The Walking Dead image
For the past few months, most of what we’ve been doing is looking forward to Season 6 of The Walking Dead, but now it’s time to take a look back into the past for a story that never got told during the TV show. And it's all about Rick's hands.
Nick Venable 2015-10-07
Bob's Burgers Is Returning For Multiple Seasons image
The network most reliable for producing high quality animated series for primetime – which is admittedly something of a limited market – has been Fox for many years. A more recent animated series that has been refreshing the market, and it's Bob's Burgers. Get ready for more of it.
Laura Hurley 2015-10-07
The Walking Dead Is Promising Its Weirdest Zombie Ever image
With The Walking Dead about to start its sixth season, the AMC horror series has promised to deliver some of its strangest zombie encounters yet.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-10-07
Is The Flash Going To Bring Back Some Dead Characters? Here's What The Producer Says image
Death is tricky in comic book stories. When major characters meet their maker, their demise usually isn’t permanent, and eventually they’re revived somehow. Will this happen on The Flash? Here's what the executive producer has to say.
Adam Holmes 2015-10-07
The Voice Confirms Its Season 10 Cast image
Fans of NBC’s hit reality television singing competition The Voice should be glad to learn that the cast of coaches for the tenth season has been confirmed. Just like past seasons, the cast will be comprised of four singers of different backgrounds, with each coach working with selected contestants.
Laura Hurley 2015-10-07
Watch Jay Leno Make A Surprising Monologue Appearance On The Tonight Show image
This week, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon brought on a surprise guest during the monologue. The big surprise was none other than Jay Leno, who used to run The Tonight Show for NBC himself. Check it out.
Jessica Rawden 2015-10-07
Fuller House: Check Out Kimmy's Weirdo, Overly Passionate Ex-Husband image
If you were a fan of Full House during its original run, you probably saw a life for Kimmy Gibbler in which her closet of bafflingly bizarre clothing was her own and not shared with anyone of the opposite sex. Well it happened, and this is the guy that married her.
Nick Venable 2015-10-07
Channing Tatum's Haywire Is Getting A TV Series, Here's What We Know image
Hey. You there. Do you remember the 2011 action flick Haywire? You know, the one with MMA star Gina Carano and Channing Tatum. Yeah, that one. Guess what? It's probably going to become a TV show at some point.
Nick Venable 2015-10-07
The Flash Season 2: How Harrison Wells Ended Up Helping Barry image
Hot damn, The Flash knows exactly how to welcome fans back to this comic book world after saying goodbye before the summer. The premiere gave us a return of sorts from Harrison Wells, whose final message to Barry was actually extraordinarily helpful.
Nick Venable 2015-10-07
The Flash Season 2 Just Kicked Off With A Huge Shocker image
Fans have waited all summer for The Flash to premiere, and while there might be some people out there who disagree, I think it was absolutely worth the wait. In large part due to having our minds blown by the big twist.
Nick Venable 2015-10-07
What The X-Files Revival Definitily Won't Change image
Fans have been anxiously anticipating the return of >The X-Files even since it was announced six months ago. While we are preparing ourselves for this new limited series to bring a lot of changes to our favorite FBI pair, one thing will remain the same.
Dirk Libbey 2015-10-07
Miss Marple May Get A CBS Show With One Huge Change image
Most of the attention paid to Agatha Christie revolves around eccentric detective Hercule Poirot, but the legendary mystery writer’s second most famous creation, Miss Marple, isn’t exactly a slouch either. She was the subject of a dozen novels, some short stories, a few long-running TV shows and now, apparently an upcoming CBS adaptation with one big change.
Mack Rawden 2015-10-06
Why Jay Leno Refused To Appear On One Of Letterman's Final Episodes image
While most networks have a late night talk show or two that compete against each other, the men behind the shows have built something of a little fraternity. They publicly support each other when a new one starts out and often say goodbye when one of them leaves. Usually.
Dirk Libbey 2015-10-06
TV Will Air Its First Live Brain Surgery image
Nothing may hold a candle to what Nat Geo has plans to do with some help from Mental Floss: air a brain surgery for the first time live on television, which you can watch from the comfort of your own home. 
Jessica Rawden 2015-10-06
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