11 Walking Dead Characters All Reunited For One Creepy Photo image
Landing a spot on The Walking Dead must be a thrill. Less thrilling must be that moment for the actors when they discover that they’ve been killed off. Eleven of the most memorable actors whose characters have died came together for a photo that is… well, just plain creepy.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-11
The Gilmore Girls Revival Adds Jared Padalecki, Two More image
Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival is moving forward, and it’s moving forward fast. We’ve already learned that most of the show’s main cast members will be returning for the series, and it looks like the few who haven’t been confirmed are being confirmed rapidly.
Jessica Rawden 2016-02-11
How Arrow's Shocking Moment May Have Changed Things image
Last night’s Arrow episode saw a shocking moment happen with longtime player Malcolm Merlyn, and it may be setting up a major status quo change with the player towards the end of the season.
Adam Holmes 2016-02-11
The One Big Problem With A Freaks And Geeks Reunion, According To James Franco image
One reunion that plenty of us would love to hear confirmed is of the cast of Freaks and Geeks coming together for another go at the series. According to original Freaks cast member James Franco, however, a reunion might not be possible for one big reason.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-11
Why Peyton Manning Isn't Bothered By Eli's Sad Face image
By now, you’ve probably seen the gifs and video footage of Eli Manning’s reaction to his brother, Peyton Manning, winning the Super Bowl this past weekend. Recently, Peyton Manning addressed the look that spread around the world earlier this week.
Jessica Rawden 2016-02-11
Watch A TV Personality Try A Stripper Pole, Almost Break Her Neck image
TV hosts, contestants and even reporters have flubbed a lot of “how to” moments in the past. Most of the time, the moments are really funny, but occasionally they manifest into something that looks quite a bit more harrowing. This one is rough.
Jessica Rawden 2016-02-11
The Gilmore Girls Revival Just Signed Its First New Cast Member image
Netflix frequently keeps a ton of details about its new shows under wraps, but we do know a bit about what to expect from the new Gilmore Girls series, including returning cast. But now we know a new cast member, too!
Jessica Rawden 2016-02-11
The New Top Gear Has Finally Found All Of Its Hosts image
We already knew that Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc would be hosting the new series and rumors indicated a few other cast members have signed on but this morning, Top Gear confirmed the rest of the cast.
Jessica Rawden 2016-02-11
When Bones Is Finally Returning To Fox image
Bones has had quite a few problems as of late, but, now, at least one of those recent issues has finally been cleared up. After the show’s fall finale, it wasn’t given a return date for the second half of the season, but, as of today, that’s changed.
Adrienne Jones 2016-02-11
Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell Just Landed Another Big TV Gig image
For many years, actress Hayley Atwell was a dependable name in the U.K., where she was born and raised. But it looks like the U.S. is trying to cement her presence in Hollywood, as the Agent Carter actress has signed on for a new show.
Nick Venable 2016-02-11
Arrow: How Pissing Off The Wrong Person Could Ruin Oliver's Life image
After the guest-star-palooza that took Season 4 in a few new directions last week with “Unchained,” Arrow went for what felt like a throwback to Season 3 in “Sins of the Father." He ended up pulling a fantastic double-cross, but he may soon learn that double-crossing a double-crosser is a bad idea.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-11
Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2 Just Cast Bruce Campbell's Dad And He's Perfect image
Just by having Bruce Campbell around in the titular leading role, the Starz horror comedy Ash vs Evil Dead has one of the best casts on television, and it has only gotten better with a couple of new additions, including who'll play Ash's dad!
Nick Venable 2016-02-11
First Look At The Flash And Supergirl Crossover image
After months of slow-moving rumors about the possibility of The Flash and Supergirl crossing over, the epic superhero team-up was confirmed just last week. And now the heroes are already together.
Nick Venable 2016-02-11
Arrow Is Bringing Back Another Villain, Here's What We Know image
Arrow Season 4 has seen the crimefighting team dealing with a lot of new villains, but next month, fans will be reunited with this obsessive bad guy (or girl) from the Emerald Archer's past.
Adam Holmes 2016-02-11
The Gilmore Girls Revival Just Added Another One Of Rory's Boyfriends image
In the past nine years, many of us have been through at least one romantic relationship, with some lucky enough to find the right person, and others not quite as fortunate. Gilmore Girls fans are no doubt desperate to find out where Rory Gilmore falls on that list.
Nick Venable 2016-02-11
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