The Crazy Way Arrow Fans Expressed Their Disgust With The Finale image
Following the lackluster Season 4 finale, fans of Arrow have done something incredibly outrageous online to voice their dissatisfaction with Emerald Archer's series.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-27
Bloodline Season 2: 6 Big Things To Know Before Your Netflix Binge image
Season 2 of Bloodline doesn't offer the up-front foreshadowing of Season 1, instead making audiences just as paranoid as the Rayburn siblings. Here are 6 big things to know before watching.
Nick Venable 2016-05-27
Luke Cage Just Confirmed A Cool Villain image
While we’ve known about Netflix’s Luke Cage series for a while now, very little has been seen of it. Now, thanks to some set photos, we know who one of the villains in the action drama will be.
Nick Venable 2016-05-25
How Many Episodes Of Fuller House Season 2 John Stamos Will Appear In image
John Stamos’ tenure on Grandfathered recently ended when Fox opted to cancel the show. In the time since, we’ve wondered if the actor might bump up his number of appearances on his other series Fuller House.
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-25
Iron Fist Just Added A Familiar MCU Character To The Cast image
Marvel has just announced the return of a familiar MCU character for the first season of Iron Fist when the show finally debuts on Netflix, and the character's presence makes a lot of sense.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-20
What's Going On With Arrested Development Season 5, According To The Creator image
Arrested Development development was one of the first TV shows kicking off this slew of revivals and reboots on TV. As it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, there are plenty of directions a fifth season could go in. However, news has been pretty slow on the development front.
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-19
3 Marvel Characters Who Could Get Netflix Shows, According To Wild Internet Rumors image
While Netflix has a ton of Marvel shows in the works, a new rumor is claiming that they’re planning on expanding the universe even further. Namely, with an outstanding 3 new series.
Corey Chichizola 2016-05-18
How Fans Are Responding To Agent Carter's Cancellation image
ABC’s Agent Carter was cancelled last week due to low viewership and ratings. Well, fans of the show aren’t taking this sitting down, and now they’re taking these steps to get it to return for Season 3.
Adam Holmes 2016-05-16
How Jessica Jones Will Feature Supporting Characters In Season 2 image
Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg explains how the show will use its supporting cast in the coming season of the Netflix series.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-14
Netflix's Voltron Dropped A Perfect New Trailer That Demands Your Attention image
Netflix has already proven itself to know what it takes to bring classic animated properties to new audiences, and it looks like the same can be said for the upcoming reboot Voltron: Legendary Defender, as evidenced by this awesome new trailer.
Nick Venable 2016-05-12
What To Expect From Jessica Jones Season 2 image
This week, series lead Krysten Ritter did answer some questions about the upcoming second season of Jessica Jones, giving us a better understanding of what to expect, and when
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-11
How Many Hours Of Commercials Netflix Is Saving You From Every Year image
Have you ever wondered exactly how much time you’re saving by watching Netflix instead of traditional TV? As it turns out, Netflix helps cut a substantial amount of commercial time off of your TV watching sessions.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-11
10 Great Original Series Streaming Somewhere Other Than Netflix image
Netflix is known for having the best original streaming programs, but it should be known that there are plenty of other top-quality original series online that will likely never make it to your My List.
Nick Venable 2016-05-10
Netflix Is Finally Getting A Reality Show, And Sylvester Stallone Is Involved image
Netflix is the home of a variety of original series. Now, Netflix is delving into reality television with a new show that is unlike anything that the streaming service has ever done before. And Sylvester Stallone is there, too.
Laura Hurley 2016-05-09
How Kyle Chandler Wanted Bloodline To End If Netflix Didn't Want Season 2 image
When Bloodline debuted on Netflix, it had a lot of positives going for it, but that didn't guarantee Season 2 would happen. Here's how Kyle Chandler wanted things to go if Season 1 was all there was.
Nick Venable 2016-05-07
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