12 Shows Fox Should Be Embarrassed About Canceling  image
While every network is guilty of slamming an ax down on shows before a cancelation is warranted, Fox has been the series-ending posterchild for decades now. Here are 12 series that Fox should constantly hide its head in shame for canceling. Sorry if this puts you guys in a bad mood all over again.
Nick Venable 2015-10-23
10 Beloved TV Robots, Ranked By Fighting Ability image
This weekend, the world of television fighting will once again rise to an apex of excitement when BattleBots, returns for a sixth season after 13 years of being off the air.Here are 10 TV robots ranked by how well they'd do in a battle.
Nick Venable 2015-06-16
Brian Austin Green Is Metallo In This New Smallville Clip image
Brian Austin Green will find himself on the other side of the hyperalloy combat chassis as he becomes Metallo in this Friday’s new episode of Smallville
David Wharton 2009-09-29
Lena Headey Game For HBO's Thrones image
Sarah Connor fans and incest fetishists, rejoice! Ex-Connor and former Spartan queen Lena Headey has joined the cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones as the incest-happy Queen Cersei
David Wharton 2009-09-02
Sarah Connor Chronicles Returning As Direct-To-DVD Film? image
According to Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker, the show might return as a direct-to-DVD movie
David Wharton 2009-08-31
Liquid Metal Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Poster! image
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returned to television tonight with an explosive, bad ass season premiere. The show is better than ever, and for season 2 it sounds better than ever too. Shirley Manson has joined the cast of the show as a key character, and at the same time recorded a new song which ran during the premiere’s dramatic, slow-motion opening
Josh Tyler 2008-09-09
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