Doctor Who Season 10 Is Bringing A Major Character Back image
The entirety of 2016 will pass us by without Doctor Who's TARDIS skipping through the timeline. Thankfully, Season 10 is slowly coming together, and we know of one awesome character that will return.
Nick Venable 2016-05-30
How Well The New Top Gear Did In The Ratings image
It took a long time for the new version of Top Gear to make it to the air. Presumably, the BBC was hoping that signing on new hosts and releasing †ton of footage would create a lot of hype for the new version of the series. But how did it do in the ratings?
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-30
Top Gear Is Getting An After Show, Because It's The Trendy Thing To Do image
Game of Thrones has an after show. The Walking Dead has an after show. Now Top Gear will be getting an after show, because thatís what popular shows do these days. Here's what it will be about.
Jessica Rawden 2016-04-27
We Finally Know When The New Doctor Who Companion Will Be Announced image
Ever since the end of Season 9, Doctor Who fans have been wondering just who will be called upon to replace Jenna Coleman as the Doctor's companion. Now, we finally know when we'll find out.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-21
The Doctor Who Spinoff Has Finally Found Its Cast image
The Doctor Who spinoff has been coming together for a while. If youíve been keeping tabs on the soon-to-be series, you might already know the spinoff will be called Class and will feature classmates learning at Coal Hill School. Now we know who is involved.
Jessica Rawden 2016-04-04
Top Gear Trailer: Watch Chris Evans Throw Up In First Look At The New Series image
Now, the latest amalgamation is finally coming together, and the first trailer focuses on fast cars, Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and some untimely vomit. You can check it out in all its glory.
Jessica Rawden 2016-03-31
How Peter Capaldi Feels About The BBC Shuffling Doctor Who Around image
Doctor Who Season 9 experienced erratic scheduling while airing on the BBC in the U.K., which frustrated many fans, including The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. Here's what he had to say about it.
Adam Holmes 2016-03-14
Ripper Street Has Been Cancelled Again image
Creativity abounds in current TV programming, from the way television is being formatted for different channels and streaming services to the way that shows can be shuffled around or moved to different formats if they arenít working out as part of the regular TV schedule.
Jessica Rawden 2016-03-07
Doctor Who Might Have Found Its New Companion image
Doctor Who is a fun show for plenty of reasons, but it just wouldn't be the same the Doctor didnít have a companion traveling through time with him. The Twelfth Doctor is currently without a companion, but rumor has it that one actress is being considered for the role, and she could be great.
Laura Hurley 2016-03-03
More Doctor Who For Maisie Williams? Here's What The Actress Says image
There are few more surefire ways for actors to immortalize themselves than by joining the Doctor on his adventures on Doctor Who, sometimes for more than one guest stint.
Laura Hurley 2016-03-01
Wait, Is Doctor Who Not Returning To Streaming At All? image
If you thought losing a companion was hard, losing The Doctor is even harder. At least, that's what fans who have been relying on streaming services to get their Doctor Who fix will be thinking, as the rights are currently up in the air.
Mike Reyes 2016-02-24
Wild Things Host Dominic Monaghan Was Hospitalized After A Reptile Attack image
Showbiz is not always glitz and glamour, and actor Dominic Monaghan knows it better than most thanks to his job as host of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan. Things got a bit too wild when he visited Thailand for the show and had an encounter with a very unfriendly reptile.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-04
Doctor Who Artist Reveals Time Lord Who Was Supposed To Be In Anniversary Special image
When the Doctor Who50th anniversary special was being planned, the original goal was to being back this Time Lord to appear alongside the various Doctors. Get the details.
Adam Holmes 2016-02-04
Doctor Who Is Losing Steven Moffat As Showrunner, Find Out Who's Replacing Him image
Itís finally official, people. After an extended ĒWill he?/Wonít he?Ē period, Doctor Who showrunner, head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat is officially going to be vacating the sci-fi series. But not just yet.
Nick Venable 2016-01-22
Doctor Who: The Perfect Actor Wants To Be The Next Time Lord image
There are plenty of reasons why BBCís Doctor Who has spanned more than fifty years by this point, but one of the biggest is certainly the revolving cast. As it happens, the latest actor to express interest in taking on the lead role may just be perfect for the part.
Laura Hurley 2015-12-30
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