Jersey Shore Spinoff Snooki And JWoww Renewed, MTV Picks Up 3 Unscripted Series image
Jersey Shore may be over, but MTV has kept the GTL spirit alive with various spinoff series. The Show With Vinny will premiere soon enough, and this week MTV announced that Snooki and JWoww's series has been renewed for a third season. Word of the series' renewal came along with the announcement of three new series being added to MTV's line-up.
Kelly West 2013-04-26
Before Kendra: 5 Other Reality TV Quitters That Made A Splash image
Kendra Wilkinson made a splash this week when she opted not to take the plunge during the most recent episode of the celebrity diving series Splash. Her fear of heights prevented her from following through with the 23 foot drop head first into the water and she was subsequently eliminated from the competition. Whether or not Wilkinson's decision to quit the competition goes down in reality TV history as one of the most memorable early-exits a contestant has made remains to be seen.
Kelly West And Mack Rawden 2013-04-04
Buckwild Brings In Solid Numbers In Jersey Shore's Old Slot image
Jersey Shore and the loveable or not so loveable meatballs and GTL obsessives in its cast may be gone forever from MTV—sans reruns, of course—but that doesn’t mean the formerly music-oriented television network wants fans to stop laughing uproariously or cynically at young people living within certain cultural niches in the United States. Last night, MTV premiered Buckwild, and thus far, the show is proving it can fill the Jersey Shore Thursday night slot with pizzaz.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-04
The Biggest TV Moments Of 2012 Include Twists, Shocks, Laughs And Losses image
TV offered plenty of amazing and memorable moments in 2012. Whether they were sad, funny, violent or just plain shocking, we had no trouble piling up a list of some of our favorite moments in television this year. And because we came up with so many, we've broken them down by category, staring with the demises of numerous notable characters and then moving into the other big TV moments from 2012.
CB Staff 2012-12-27
Jersey Shore: The Uncensored Final Season DVD Will Hit Homes In March image
Jersey Shore: The Uncensored Final Season will debut with a four-disc DVD set that will include all 13 episodes of Season 6, in an unrated format. Additionally, this is the season with Snooki hanging out, pregnant, with the group and The Situation opening up on camera about his epic downfall as a party guy and subsequent trip to rehab.
Jessica Rawden 2012-12-10
Jersey Shore Cast Members To Appear On MTV Hurricane Relief Special image
MTV is gearing up to help the hurricane ravaged town of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, the same town made famous by Snooki and her pals on Jersey Shore. The network is putting together a fundraising special to air on November 15th which will feature stars from the reality series as well as other special guests, with all proceeds going to rebuild Seaside Heights and help locals get back on their feet.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-11-05
Jersey Shore Season 6 Premiere: The Beginning Of The End Happens Tonight image
All good things must come to an end. And that applies to reality shows also! Jersey Shore begins its sixth and final season tonight as the houseguests return to Seaside for one last summer at the Shore before moving on with their lives.
Kelly West 2012-10-04
Jersey Shore Cancelled, Season 6 To Be The Last image
Word is in and it looks like the upcoming sixth season of Jersey Shore will be its last. Those who've enjoyed the partying antics of a group of super-tanned Jersey-dwelling friends have one more season to enjoy them, after which you may have to take a trip to Seaside to get your fix of the Shore.
Kelly West 2012-08-30
Jersey Shore Cast Debates Politics In Funny Or Die Video image
For years, MTV has encouraged their viewers to get out there and vote, telling them to "fight for your rights," "rock the vote" and "choose or lose." Now the cast of Jersey Shore is getting in on the act. Through their Power of 12 campaign, MTV has teamed with Funny or Die to bring the cast of Jersey Shore for a bit of political discourse. Either that, or this is simply what happens when the Jersey Shore cast loses interest in GTL and decides to delve into their thoughts on politics and the election process as it pertains to individual votes.
Kelly West 2012-08-08
Jersey Shore Season 6 Sets October Premiere Date image
It's hard to even know what to say about Jersey Shore at this point-- we've all hated it, loved it, hated it again, then let it fade into the background along with most other pop culture detritus. Can a new season possibly have anything new to add? Will Snooki's pregnancy bring in an interesting new wrinkle?
Katey Rich 2012-08-03
Snooki & JWOWW Preview: Kosher, Parallel Parking And Bathroom Drama image
You know you've been counting down the days to seeing Snooki and JWOWW teamed up for their big Jersey Shore spin-off. Whether or not that's actually the case, these three clips from the series premiere are pretty amusing, as they reveal the beginning of Nicole and Jenni's new Jersey adventure.
Kelly West 2012-06-19
Snooki Actually Moving Next Door To Old Jersey Shore Stomping Grounds image
Now, the house where Snooki is staying has been revealed…and it is not really as far away from the hard partying as one would expect. The 24-year-old’s abode is actually directly next door to the Jersey Shore pad, which seems as if it will be convenient for shooting purposes, but not so conducive to resting in the final months of Snook’s pregnancy.
Jessica Grabert 2012-06-05
Snooki Will Be Back For Jersey Shore Season 6, But Living In A Different House image
If Jersey Shore were a scripted series instead of a "reality" show, I would have said outright that Snooki getting pregnant was the ultimate shark-jumping moment of the series. In fact, I doubt I would have predicted it as a plot-twist. I might have pinned the surprise-pregnancy arc on Ronnie and Sammi. Alas, Jersey Shore isn't a scripted drama and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is indeed pregnant. While that won't keep her from returning to the series for another summer at the Shore, it will keep her from living in the same house.
Kelly West 2012-05-22
Punk'd Preview: Hayden Panettiere Pranks Zac Efron And Dianna Agron image
The highlight of last week’s episode of MTV’s Punk’d was when Bam Margera punked Jersey Shore’s Ronnie. Another cast-member from Jersey Shore is set to become the target of a punking during tonight’s episode of the recently revived series. Also set to be victimized by tonight’s host are Glee’s Dianna Agron, and The Lucky One’s Zac Efron.
Kelly West 2012-04-12
Watch Jersey Shore's Ronnie Get Punk'd By Bam Margera image
As much as I still consider Punk’d a guilty pleasure, I’ve been sort of unimpressed with the over-the-top nature of some of the pranks we’ve seen so far. The revival of the MTV celebrity prank series already seems to embracing the “bigger is better” concept, which in the cast of last night’s episode, including a food truck blowing as part of a prank against Tyler, The Creator. Tyler’s reaction was good but over all, the stunt seemed like just that. A big stunt.
Kelly West 2012-04-06
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